Online casino games got even better by combining the two classic games bingo, and slots, bringing Slingo into the gambling world. But what sets this hybrid game apart from the traditional casino games? Well, the Slingo games have different versions, like the Slingo Rainbow Riches that offer loads of bonus rounds. And if you haven’t played this game yet, we gathered the Slingo Rainbow Riches strategy to help you win big.

So let’s jump straight to details and get you acquainted with the Slingo Rainbow Riches strategy.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Before we discuss the Slingo Rainbow Riches strategy, let’s have a brief introduction to one of the most popular Slingo games. The Slingo Rainbow Riches is one the most played Slingo version is an Irish-themed game featuring a colorful world and emerald pastures. This version applies the basic rule of all Slingo games, using a 5×5 grid similar to bingo and a spinning reel representing numbers to mark off the grid.

The reel also represents other symbols like the Joker and Super Joker that allow players to mark out any number from the column or throughout the grid. On the contrary, the Devil symbol decreases players winning advantage by blocking possible full houses or Slingo. Players may get a free spin from the reel if their luck is on. Furthermore, the game offers up to 7 bonus rounds with an RTP of 95.6% and has a 3/5 volatility rate, and only comes with 10 spins after placing a stake. So the Slingo Rainbow Riches strategy that we’ll recommend may come in handy once in play.

Slingo Rainbow Riches Strategy

Since Slingo Rainbow Riches is the most popular version, there’s no better place to play it than at the official Slingo site and ensure that you’ve got a strong internet connection to avoid freezing issues while playing. Check out the following Slingo Rainbow Riches strategy below to help you increase your winning advantage and avoid losing more than you can afford. And the best part is Rainbow Riches not on gamstop.

  • Learn the Slingo Wilds

First and foremost, playing Slingo Rainbow Riches or any other versions requires players to learn the Slingo wilds. Being acquainted with the special symbols and how to use them is needed to have better tactical moves. If symbols like the Joker and Super Joker appear, it offers players a higher winning advantage. On the other hand, the Devil blocks the player from getting a Slingo. So know the Slingo wilds to avoid confusion on their functions.

  • Take Advantage of Every Move

While Slingo wilds can improve players’ chances of getting a full house, taking advantage of your every move is essential to get a Slingo. For example, if a Super Joker appears on the reel, the player gets a chance to mark off any number on the grid. Thus, choosing the number in the right position with more possibilities to get a Slingo can increase the player’s chance of getting to the bonus rounds.

  • Triggering Bonus Rounds

As stated earlier, Slingo Rainbow Riches is known for its 7 bonus rounds. So make sure to get 5 or more Slingos to advance to the bonus rounds, offering varying multipliers and other random prizes.

  • Knowing When to Buy Extra Spins

Knowing whether to buy more extra spins or unlimited spins is vital in gambling. Since Slingo is still a game of chance, players must play responsibly by assessing if extra spins are worth spending. If a player is close to getting more Slingos and the prize amount is higher than the stake, go for the extra spins.


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