Childbirth is the beginning of a transformation like no other and hypnobirthing only helps you in empowering your experience of it. Besides the typical understanding of what guided hypnobirthing courses are, there are many ways that a certified practitioner can help you in learning and practise its techniques. Different practitioners offer varying rates for their support but one thing that is guaranteed is that it is all worth it. We’ll go over what hypnobirthing classes are, the types and how much you can expect to invest below. 

Different types of hypnobirthing classes

Some of the best hypnobirthing classes across Australia are provided by people that are already healthcare workers and specialists. That means that they can offer you holistic support at every stage of pregnancy and labour. Care provided by professionally trained specialists means that you benefit from more than just a couple of weeks of hypnobirthing classes.  They can also offer you doula and birth keeper offerings which extend way beyond this duration of learning. These may be taught at different times, using varying environments and at different costs. 

What are hypnobirthing classes?

Hypnobirthing Australia ™ Positive Birth course at Little Bird Flies will teach you and your birthing partner a variety of techniques including learning how to rewire and condition your mind and body to labour and birth just as you were designed to; instinctually.  We’ll do it all while providing a safe, welcoming environment that is only made sweeter by other expecting parents joining you on this journey. While these classes do not guarantee that you will experience a birth free of pain or some degree of intervention, they do intend to give you all the knowledge for you to have a calm pregnancy and a positive birth experience. 

Benefits of hypnobirthing

  • Hypnobirthing techniques are all about using tools that help you focus on maintaining calm. This can help you manage stress hormones, such as adrenalin, and reduce anxiety. Working with these feelings will help you to feel more grounded and confident in your ability to work with your body throughout your labour and birth.
  • Stress hormones can be counterproductive to the natural chemicals your body produces during labour. By managing stress, the crude production of oxytocin (your surge-inducing hormone) isn’t interrupted; allowing your body to labour as it was designed to do- undisturbed.
  • The things you learn in hypnobirthing classes can benefit you after birth, too, and in some cases, it lowers the chance of postnatal depression.
  • Hypnobirthing will help your birth partner play a more active role during your labour.

When is the best time to start hypnobirthing classes?

If you take the advice of a certified birth and post-partum doula, the best time to start hypnobirthing classes is anywhere between 20-32/34 weeks gestation. This gives you a healthy time allowance to properly practice and take in all the knowledge, tools, and techniques that you and your birth partner learn in class. This doesn’t mean that you can’t start earlier or later either. Whether you are 15 weeks pregnant or closer to 40 weeks pregnant, all birth givers and their partners can benefit from the Positive Birth course immensely in their way.


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