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Do you often think about ways of improving your overall mental well-being? Do you think your office would make a significant difference to your mental well-being needs? 

When we think of bad office spaces, we have a mental image of clinical lighting, small cubicles, cramped up enclosures, and poorly ventilated spaces. Consider another scenario. Ever since the pandemic, most of us have been working remotely or from our homes. After weeks or months, you may have felt isolated or drained working from home. In the long-term, this might put a mental strain on your health and overall well-being. 

It would be worth mentioning here that most people, on an average, spend more than eight hours per day in shared office spaces. Therefore, it is necessary to design your office in such a way that the five days a week or 40 hours that you and your team spend in the office should keep you happy and healthy. 

Coworking centers and mental well-being 

Coworking workspaces are great for improving your mental health. However, the question to ponder upon would be what to look for in a coworking center that boosts your mental well-being. 

Find below the best five ways in which a coworking space in Bangalore  could help in maintaining a positive state of mind: 

1. Tending to your social needs 

The noted Greek philosopher, Aristotle, once said – Man is by nature a social animal. Working from home makes one feel isolated and crave for human interaction. With loneliness as one of the main elements in causing poor mental health, you should consider coworking office spaces. 

Serviced and managed offices offer their communities a collaborative network through social events, interaction, and a thriving community. This would not only provide you with numerous opportunities to develop new connections but also offer you the much-needed human interaction that ultimately affects your emotional well-being. 

2. Bringing the greenery of nature indoors

Humans have been known to evolve with the warm, vibrant colors present in nature. Science suggests various indoor plant lives provide a positive effect on your mental well-being. 

You could find a furnished office space in a coworking space with a huge focus on bringing nature into your life with well-lit, airy spaces and plenty of indoor plants. In fact, some coworking spaces allow you to bring your pets to your workstation. 

3. Choosing an office design that suits your needs 

A plug and play office not only boosts collaboration and productivity but also makes a difference to your outlook towards your work days. Instead of dreading going to the office, you would look forward to each day with a fresh mind. Ergonomic furniture, clean and sanitized spaces and functional workspaces coupled with noise- and distraction-free offices enhance your mental well-being. Before zeroing in on a coworking space, it would be best to explore various workstations and their facilities most-suited to your needs. 

4. Keeping the space clutter- and stress-free

Cluttered workspaces disturb your peace of mind whereas organized and clean spaces promote a sense of calm in us whilst also improving our attention span. Coworking spaces have trained staff to keep the office free from clutter and chaos so that you don’t have to take that additional stress of managing tasks day-to-day, instructing or training the staff and even supervising them. In addition, some coworking spaces are also equipped with yoga rooms or exercise spaces within their business center to keep stress at bay. 

5. Boosting your productivity 

Working remotely adversely affects one’s productivity in the long run. For one, you are faced with dealing with mundane tasks yourself. Add to that, the procrastination and demands on your time by family and friends. Plus, you need a quiet space to yourself to accomplish your work assignments with concentration. At times, you wish to reach out to a mentor or a colleague for help. In coworking spaces, you get all this and much more, thus boosting your productivity.  

In a nutshell 

Avoid a disorganized, chaotic, and cluttered office space by choosing professionally managed coworking spaces such as iKeva that offer a growth-oriented environment for your business. iKeva offers workspace solutions across fully furnished serviced offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices and meeting rooms that foster a thriving community. 


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