NEET Dress Code

The Neet dress code 2021 applies to all the candidates that are appearing for the entrance examination. You can check the official brochure for details on the Neet dress code. Like all the regulations and rules for Neet 2021, the dress code will apply to the candidates appearing for the examination. The NEET Dress Code for Female guides the Neet aspirants on how to appear on the exam date. You get to know about the footwear, clothing, and other accessories that you can wear on the day.

Changes due to the covid-19 outbreak

Due to the outbreak of the covid-19, NTA added two inclusions in the Neet dress code of the session. Mask and glove got added in the post-covid-19 scenario and NEET Dress Code for Females.

The Neet admit card got published for the year 2021. Any candidates wearing the prohibited items will not be allowed to enter the exam hall. You can avoid unnecessary hassles by adhering to the neet dress code. The article aims to provide the reader with complete information on the dress code. Neet (examination) 2021 will get conducted in pen and paper mode. Keep reading to learn more about the dress code for girls and boys.

Candidates need to have a look at the NTA Neet 2021 dress code.

Number of seats in MBBS and BDS of Neet 2021

In the previous year, it got observed that many candidates broke the rules and regulations governing the dress code. It is why the senior officials formed a strict dress code for both the male and female candidates.

Neet MBBS 2021 has a total of 83,075 seats and 26,949 seats for BDS.

The number of allocated seats for Ayush is 50720 and 525 AH and B.VSc. The national examination agency formulated strict rules for the male and female aspirants of Neet. For more information on the NEET dress code for females, keep reading the post.

 Dress code for Neet aspirants (male)

Before we go to the NEET dress code for females, let’s know the code for males. The official Bulletin has a separate section for the dress code and codes of conduct of 2021 Neet aspirants. There is an official clarification regarding the dress code of aspirants. The candidate needs to ensure that he follows the dress code while entering the exam hall. The aspirant needs to follow the dress code Based on the notified set of rules.

NEET 2021 uniform code for male aspirants

  • Here is the dress code for Neet aspirants (male). Based on the covid-19 guidelines, the candidate needs to put on a pair of gloves and a mask.
  • Based on the prescribed dress code, male candidates need to put on a half sleeve shirt. Wearing a t-shirt is allowed in the exam hall, but one cannot wear a full sleeve shirt.
  • Clothes worn by male candidates should be light. It means that t-shirts shouldn’t have zip pockets, buttons and clothes with heavy embroidery aren’t allowed in the exam hall.
  • Kurta or pyjamas aren’t allowed in the exam hall.

One should note that shoes get strictly prohibited in the exam hall. It is better to wear light sandals and chappals instead of boots.

  •  A male candidate can wear simple pants and trousers in the exam hall. One can wear a pair of simple chappals with a thin sole.

Dress code for Neet female aspirants

In this section, we will talk about the NEET dress code for females.

  • Female candidates need to wear a pair of gloves and a mask in the exam hall. It is for the security and prevention of germs.
  • The females shouldn’t wear ethnic wear or clothes with elaborate embroidery. It is the norm as per the Neet guideline on the dress code. The dress should be plain and include heavy embroidery or brooches.
  • Female candidates need to ensure that they don’t wear full sleeve shirts or kurta on the exam day.
  • Based on the Neet dress code of 2021, girl candidates should wear full sleeve shirts and kurta.
  • One should know that jeans with fashionable pockets and sleeves are not allowed in the exam hall. Female candidates are requested to avoid prohibited dress on the day of the exam.
  • The Neet 2021 dress code prohibits the use of leggings.
  •  As per the standard dress code for females, one shouldn’t wear a palazzo.
  • One should avoid wearing thick soles and footwear with high heels. Go for slippers and chappals instead. One shouldn’t wear footwear with low heels too.
  • Female candidates should avoid wearing accessories like pendants and earrings. Necklaces, anklets, and bracelets are also prohibited. Carrying a piece of metal might create unnecessary problems if assessed with the metal detector.

Customary dress code of Neet 2021

Applicants from a definite religion that follow a dress code can appear for the Neet 2021. Based on the Legislation passed by Delhi high court, Candidates from the Sikh religion can carry Kangha, Kirpan, and Kara. Candidates from the Musalman community will be allowed to wear Burkas. In terms of customary dress code, the authority candidates to wear the apparels and cloth.

When filling the Neet 2021 application form, it asks the candidate if she wants to go with the customary NEET dress code for females. For reference purposes, it puts on an image.

The candidate can enter the exam hall half an hour before the exam starts. It would help the authority involved in the screening. Since the exam commences at 1:00 p.m, it’s better to enter the exam hall by 12:30 p.m. Follow the Neet dress code 2021 to avoid resorting to unfair means.

List of prohibited items as per the authority conducting Neet exam 2021

Apart from following the dress code, one must go through the list of items prohibited in the exam hall.

  •  One should carry electronic items like a pen drive, smartwatches, and a smartphone. Prohibited items in the exam hall include Bluetooth devices and other intricate pieces of appliances.
  • Food of any kind that includes packed and unpacked items isn’t allowed in the exam hall. Candidates with health conditions like those who have diabetes can carry a transparent bottle and pills.
  • One cannot carry any stationery item like a pen, pencil, erasers, and calculators in the exam hall.


One will have a brief idea of things to carry and avoid when appearing for the Neet exams 2021. The board of examination has recently replaced Jipmer and AIIMS. The exam is getting organised in one session only. For more details, one can go to the official website of Neet.


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