If you want to keep your office tidy and organized, office storage is a must. It has been demonstrated that an orderly workspace increases productivity, and in fast-paced workspaces, the importance of adequate storage has increased even further. Don’t freak out if your workspace is cramped for storage! There are many creative ways to add additional space to your office. These four clever storage options will help you maximize the amount of space in your office. 

Hot lockers

One of the most significant challenges of hot desking is that employees will no longer have a permanent desk where they can store their belongings. When it comes to providing your employees with a secure locker that they can access through contactless entry when they visit the office, intelligent hot lockers are the best option. For environments that require agility in their storage needs, hot lockers are ideal. In addition to promoting hot desking, they will boost job satisfaction and productivity at work. 

Wall storage

A great way to make use of your wall space and add extra storage to your workspace is to install full-height wall storage. Wall storage lets you maximize the space you have available because it is completely customizable and can be fitted to your exact specifications. Wall storage can be used to store files, documents, and other office supplies once it is installed. This will enhance your office’s storage capacity, free up floor space, and assist you in keeping your workspace neat and organized. 

Asset management lockers

Many businesses provide expensive equipment, such as laptops and other smart devices, to their staff members. Although statistics indicate that 43% of small businesses do not effectively track their assets, these valuable items need to be stored securely. The best storage option for efficiently allocating and monitoring your assets is an asset management locker. Our smart lockers minimize the risks and expenses associated with managing your fleet of devices by automating asset allocation and tracking usage. Asset management will be dominated by smart storage options like asset lockers. 

Corner desks

Installing a corner desk will enable you to utilize the space that is often wasted in offices, i.e., office corners. Because corner desks are available in so many different shapes and sizes, you can turn an empty space into a functional and effective workspace. In comparison to traditional desk designs. corner desks typically offer greater space underneath the desk. Among other things, that area can be used to store office supplies like a printer or scanner. 

Include dual-purpose and pivoting elements

Look for areas that can be used for more than one purpose, such as the space beneath the stairs, cabinetry, plumbing fixture masks, or plain wall or floor surfaces. Is it possible to use a sink mask as a place to store kitchen supplies or a bookshelf as a privacy screen? Also consider how more height can equate to more space when thinking vertically. 

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