How Online Marketing is Boosting Businesses in Canada

Online marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics for small businesses. Online marketing has had a huge impact on large companies as well, helping them grow and expand globally with less overhead costs. In this article, find out how online marketing has impacted business in Canada. Online marketing is a trend that seems to be taking over the world. Canada, as with many other countries, has been working to develop an online marketing industry and promote it in order to grow their economy. Whether you’re a business owner or someone who’s interested in learning more about how online marketing can help your company, this article is for you!

Online marketing is benefiting Canadian businesses

More businesses are turning to online marketing to build their brand. The results speak for themselves; the Canadian economy shows an increase in the amount of companies and people using online marketing techniques. Online marketing is proving to be beneficial for businesses of all sizes and it’s something that Canadian entrepreneurs should consider if they want their business to grow. In 2018, the Canadian marketing industry is booming and this is attributed to the many benefits that online marketing has to offer. Online marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing and more. The success of Canadian businesses in recent years can be attributed to their investment in online marketing.

What kind of marketing tactics should companies pursue?

Online marketing has a lot of advantages over traditional marketing tactics. One advantage is that you can advertise to a wider market around the world. Another advantage is that you are not limited by geographical location as much because online advertising can target anyone with an internet connection. Online marketing is not just the latest trend in the world of advertising and marketing. Online marketing has been a proven business model and strategy that has been providing both financial and customer-based results for decades. Customers have become more and more impatient, so it’s essential to provide them with quality, time-saving products, which is exactly what an online store does for its consumers. Online stores such as can provide shorter shipping times, lower prices, quicker delivery options to their customers. By using online platforms like these, businesses can gain ground on other competitors in Canada.

How does online marketing affect the competition in Canada?

Online marketing has been a game changer for Canadian businesses. It is how businesses reach customers and it has created an entirely new way of competing online. In fact, according to statistics from Statista, Canada’s online market share of total retail sales was 36 percent in 2020. For comparison purposes, the U.S had an online market share of 20 percent while Australia had 17 percent in that year. Online marketing is transforming the way businesses interact with customers in Canada. When it comes to the competition, online marketing is creating a more even playing field because companies are using social media to reach potential consumers and increase their sales. This has become especially important for smaller companies that have limited advertising budgets.


Online marketing’s effect has been recognized by many Canadian businesses. Consumers are demanding online marketing, and businesses need to make sure that they’re able to keep up with these demands. Online marketing has led to the increase of online revenue for many companies, and this type of marketing is not going anywhere. Online marketing is not just a tool that helps business owners reach out to more customers. It’s also a huge part of the Canadian economy. With online advertising, businesses can reach a diverse audience and spread their message quickly. Many Canadian businesses have been able to use online marketing to increase their client base. With the help of targeted and customized ads, businesses are able to reach out to many potential customers.


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