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A severe injury because of a bad fall or a motor vehicle accident can leave dealing with constant pain. That is why filing folders and medical receipts are not your priority. But RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers will tell you that one of the best things you should do following an injury is to keep detailed medical records. 

While keeping records meticulously takes time, it helps you build a solid personal injury claim. Well-organized documentation strengthens your injury case by proving the severity and extent of your damages as well as your injuries’ legitimacy. With this in mind, below are ways to ensure you keep valuable records of the accident and your injuries. 

Set a Clear Timeline

Have a calendar dedicated to your personal injury. Make sure to mark down injury-related events like the accident date, all doctor’s appointments, and physical therapy sessions. Such chronology helps your lawyer understand how your condition is progressing based on the treatments provided. This can lead to better outcomes and recovery. 

Take Note of Important Details to Improve Recall

Your memories can fade over time, so it is best to take notes during every visit to your doctor. Jot down major details on a notepad that you may be keeping in your purse. Even small reminders can improve your recall later. Mention things such as your pain level, any medications prescribed by your doctor, and treatment recommendations. 

Quantify Your Damages

Usually, personal injury claims involve monetary compensation for damages like medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Keeping medical bills, receipts, and insurance statements shows the injuries’ financial effects. Also, empty prescription medicine bottles are proof of your prescribed medications. In personal injury cases, proof of damage is a vital element. 

Stay Organized

It is important to look for a system that keeps records safe, secure, and easily accessible. This system should allow you to categorize sections for doctor’s notes, medical bills, prescription medications, and other related paperwork. This allows your lawyer to easily access documents while they build your case. 

Aside from helping organize your files, your injury attorney will reach out to doctors, the police, and mechanics to make sure you have all the necessary documentation. Winning your case is not only about having a well-organized case file but also about having the best lawyer on your side. Make sure to hire a lawyer with years of experience working on your specific type of personal injury claim.


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