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In school, if the teacher is not enjoying their job, then it is highly likely that the children are also not enjoying the school year. As a teacher, the first few weeks are critical to having a good school year. The first couple of weeks are where you set the tone for your classroom and encourage your students to try their best while completing their schoolwork. Sometimes, it can still be difficult to be a teacher, so in this article, we are going to give you some tips as to how you can have a good school year as a teacher, so that your students can have a good year as well.

Have a Good First Week

Oftentimes, the first week is the way that you as a teacher set the tone for the whole year. In the first week, that is where you as the teacher show the children how you run the classroom. It is important to introduce structure as well as making sure that the kids are having fun while they are learning new concepts. One way to do this is to implement the first week back to school activities. These activities make sure that the students will have a fun time learning and will also get to learn while having fun.

Set Classroom Expectations

If there are no classroom expectations, then it will be a crazy year for you and your students. Without order and discipline in the classroom, the kids will walk all over you as a teacher. Children do not cope well when the classroom is in chaos, and there are no expectations. It is important that these expectations are set right off the bat, and the children know that if they break any of the outlined rules, there will be consequences for their actions. It is important that these expectations are outlined within the first couple of weeks, or else it will be very hard to regain control of the classroom later in the year.

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Let the Class Know the Importance of Assessments

Many students do not like taking assessments, as they feel as though they are not an accurate representation of the knowledge that has been acquired while in the classroom. However, as a teacher it is imperative to help your students become ambitious and enthusiastic about tests and quizzes. Help them to realize that assessments enable them to strive for their potential and push themselves as learners. Some children are naturally competitive and seek to push themselves immediately. Others may not have the same drive, due to many reasons. As a teacher, it is crucial to your success to take the time needed to help those students that may be lagging behind, struggling, or faced with difficulty in the classroom. It is through this attention that a teacher can help their students learn at an individual level the key role that assessments play in the scholastic system.


Although it may seem hard to have a good school year at different times throughout the year, there are some small things that you can do to make sure that all goes well. Good luck!


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