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Board exams create pressure on students but they do not have to worry. Proper preparation and using the right strategies for doing exams can help students to achieve their targets. Students may feel the pressure a day before the board exam. They can tackle the exam pressure by keeping cool and calm a day before the exam. 

A few tips are given here that can help students to avoid the stress a day before the board exam and they can do their papers well. 

Tips to follow a day before the board exam

Students should follow the given tips a day before the board exam to stay calm and confident.

Revision of important topics

Students should only revise important topics a day before the exam. They should avoid learning new concepts as they may get confused.  A few minutes before going to sleep are the best time to give a quick revision. It will surely improve their memory retention. Keep notes handy for a quick revision. Students must revise NCERT book solutions from previous papers or ncert solutions pdf.

Healthy meal

Students should eat a healthy and light meal at night. They should eat whatever they desire to eat. This will give them energy for the next day. If possible, students can prepare a meal themselves. 

Watch something funny

Students should watch something funny on YouTube or television that will make them laugh. This will relax their mind and will help them to stay calm. This will also help them to get a good sleep at night. 

Pack things the night before the exam

Students should pack necessary things a night before the exam. They should keep extra pens, pencils, and other stationery items on the table. They should keep their admit card in place to carry it the next day. They can carry quick revision notes if they want to revise on the way to the examination center. 

Good sleep

A good night’s sleep is very important for students to give their best in the board exam. They should get a good night’s sleep a day before the exam. Students should try to make their schedule of proper sleep a few days before the exams. 

Set up an alarm

Students should set up an alarm to get up on time. They can also ask other family members to set an alarm and wake them up on time. Students must reach the exam center before time to avoid any hassles. 

Eat healthy breakfast

Students should eat a healthy breakfast so that their brain has enough energy. They can revise important facts before leaving and on the way. But, they should stop everything once they reach the exam center. Too much cramming before the exam can exhaust their brain early. They may feel tired early while doing the paper. 

Relax in the exam room

Students should sit comfortably in the exam room. They should relax on the chair. They can stretch their arms and relax. This helps to release a hormone that will boost up their energy and confidence. 

Avoid drinking too much water

Students should avoid drinking too much water before the board exam. Drinking too much water will make students use the toilet frequently. This will cause diversion and a waste of time. 

Keep calm

Students should try to keep themselves calm as much as possible. They should try to give their best and rest leave everything on almighty. They should not worry about marks but should focus on doing their exam with confidence and diligence. 

Tips for different subjects

Students can follow the given tips for particular subjects a day before the board exam.


  • It is the most important subject. A day before the board exam students can revise all the formulas and theorems. 
  • They can look after the method and steps used for solving different questions. 
  • They can revise the basic concepts of solving the sums a day before the exam. They can also revise graphs and can practice a few graph questions. 


  • Science is a combination of three subjects. A day before the board exam, students can do the following:
  • They can revise the formulas in physics. They can practice a few numerical problems a day before the exam to make sure that they know the formulas.
  • In chemistry, they can revise important chemical equations and chemical formulas. They can revise the symbols and method of chemical processes a day before the exam.
  • In biology, they can look after the diagrams. If possible, they can draw the diagrams. It is important to revise all the important terms and definitions in biology a day before the exam. 

Social studies

  • Social studies is also divided into subparts. Students should know the important dates in history. They can revise important dates from their notes a day before the exam. 
  • They can revise all the maps in geography. They can practice maps a day before the social studies exam.
  • Short questions and important terms are important. Therefore, students can revise the important terms in social studies a day before the exam. 


  • In English, students should revise all the grammar rules a day before the exam.
  • They should revise the names of poets and writers from the literature book. They can also go through quickly through the summary of every chapter before the exam.
  • In the writing part, students can revise the format of essays, letters, article writing, etc. 
  • They can also practice a few unseen passages from the previous year’s papers for some practice. 


  • In Hindi, students should revise the names of poets and writers a day before the exam. If they have time, they can practice writing the names to avoid any spelling mistakes in Hindi.
  • Students should revise all grammar rules a day before the exam. They can practice grammar exercises for a quick revision.
  • In writing, students should revise different formats. They should revise the formats of important topics to score good marks in Hindi. 


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