The advent of 5G smartphones started a debate amongst tech experts and smartphone buyers as to whether 5G phones are better than their 4G counterparts or vice versa. While 5G smartphones are seemingly the better choice, the one thing that hinders many from purchasing a 5G phone is the fact that 5G technology has not been rolled out in India yet. Thus, people are reluctant to invest in a 5G phone as they’re priced slightly higher than 4G phones.

For instance, a redmi phone price in the case of a 5G model will be more than the price of a 4G model with the same specifications. However, 5G connectivity is expected to be launched in India as soon as 2022. Thus, it would be a good idea to purchase a 5G phone after all. Moreover, there are several reasons why 5G smartphones are better than 4G phones. Let’s delve deep into the discussion, and see why 5G-enabled handsets are better.

Massive Leap in Speed

The first — and most important reason why 5G phones are better is that 5G connectivity entails a manifold upgrade in speed. The expected speeds of up to 10 Gbps translate to a 100 times increase when compared to 4G LTE networks. This will mean numerous benefits and useful applications for the user. Downloading a large game on your phone will take mere seconds, down from the seven minutes that it currently takes.

The significant difference in speeds could mean being able to quickly download a movie before the cabin crew announces you have to put your phone in aeroplane mode. The implications of this difference in speed are far-ranging from personal applications to wider, societal implications. With a 5G phone, you can enjoy the amazing internet speeds of the new generation of cellular network technology.

Low Latency

The latency of a network means the time a signal takes to travel from the source to the receiver and then vice-versa. As with each generation of cellular networks, 5G promises reduced latency. 5G networks are touted to have significantly lower latency than 4G, with a back and forth transmission of data taking as low as five milliseconds. This will extend benefits to several industries such as logistics, manufacturing and education, to name a few.

However, for the consumer, it means better access to IoT (Internet of Things), making it possible to control your devices in real-time. Furthermore, a 5G smartphone grants you the benefits of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), creating a host of exciting possibilities. With a 5G phone, the gaming experience will also get much better due to lower lag and lightning-fast speed. Moreover, gaming when combined with VR is a highly promising prospect, as it makes you a part of the game, resulting in a much more immersive experience.

The Best Smartphones are 5G

You must have noticed that almost all of the best smartphones being launched come with 5G support. While all premium and flagship smartphone models are being released with 5G support, even the affordable models are 5G-enabled. Whether it is Apple, Samsung or Redmi, all brands are focusing their efforts on developing 5G phones.

For example, if you do a Google search for ‘Redmi latest phones’, the results will be dominated by redmi 5G phones. Thus, for someone who is planning on purchasing one of the latest premium smartphones, they might not have any other alternative than to purchase a 5G-enabled mobile phone. Moreover, 5G-enabled processors are more advanced, giving you the latest smartphone technology available.

Future Ready

The 5G network is expected to be rolled out in India soon, as two of the major telecom operators have indicated that they are working towards making 5G infrastructure available in the country. Thus, a 5G smartphone is a better choice than a 4G model, as it is a future-ready device. Once the 5G network becomes accessible to the public, you will probably want to be able to enjoy its benefits.

The major apprehension that most smartphone buyers have with 5G smartphones is the perception that 5G phones are highly expensive. However, the scenario is changing rapidly, as more and more brands are offering affordable 5G smartphones. For instance, numerous redmi 5G phones are expected to be launched over the next month in India. Theredmi phone price in the case of these models is predicted to oscillate between 15,000 INR and 18,000 INR.

Thus, 5G smartphones are better than 4G smartphone phones, as they come equipped with better features, processors and they allow you to enjoy the myriad benefits extended by 5G technology. You can explore a wide array of 5G phones at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. With attractive discounts and offers on various products, you can save money on your favourite 5G smartphone.

You can purchase your phone at no cost EMIs, making it easier for you to pay the bill in monthly instalments. You can also benefit from the zero down payment facility on select models, so that you can get your phone without making a down payment at the time of purchase.


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