Wooden gates play an essential role to bring magnificence to modern architected homes. In the world of modern lifestyle, everyone demands current styles of gates for their residential area.Front doors not only look good, they also provide security for the family living inside the house. It is manufactured in such a way that a common person cannot cross it unless it opens for their welcome. These days, people are more obsessed to select a suitable gate that should link with home styling with popping colors.The doors often choose bright and casual colors to attract the attention of newcomers.Depending on your size and budget, automatic entry gates can be installed for the convenience of opening them efficiently.However, if your gates start to rust, you can opt for waterproof paints thatmaintain and care for them by preventing them from harsh climate change and weather conditions.  Individuals are often not aware of how to care of their gates to refrain them from damaging.Still, we’re here to provide you with the five simple steps to make your rusty iron front doors look brand new.

Now, let’s get straight into it!

1.   Removing Rust:

Removing rust isn’t as hard as you think.However, you need to be professional to give a neat finish.So, for the first step, you need to prepare the surface.It can be a time-consuming job for some people because they are doing it for the first time. Once you started with following guidelines, you will never regret it and your work will turn out fruitful.

2.Creating The Smooth Surface:

To remove rust, you need to create the smooth surface using sandpaper.Before applying primer and paint, the surface should be smooth to have a clean finish at the end. But don’t forget you have to apply force for smoothing it to get this job done.

3.Remove Residual Rust:

After successfully removing the layer of rust from the gate, create thesurface smooth by using steel wool or smaller abrasive pads to remove the remaining rust.  Using pads is a good way for rubbing the surface to remove the rust effectively.After rubbing with sandpaper, you must carefully remove the rust to make it immaculate.

4.Apply The Primer:

Primer is the most effective process for sprucing up front doors. The gates made up of iron crucially need the application of primer after removing the stains of iron rust. For the high-quality finishing, you can check the instructions listed on the paintbox for your convenience.

5. Gate Finished With New Paint:

When the primer gets dry, apply a specific amount of good quality paint on your iron gates to make them attractive. While applying the coats of paint, you need to check that the paint covers every area. If you don’t have any tool for paint, you can simply switch to spray.


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