Every event organizer wants to introduce innovation in his event. The competition of the event industry is very stressful which asks for uniqueness. The creative use of the technical aspects is not a cup of tea for event organizers. They need experts who know the trick of playing with technological aspects. Getting access to the new technology is not enough, how you utilize it is more important. Well, what kind of technology will do magic depends on your venue. So, as an event organizer, you should not choose a venue in a hassle.

You are planning to organize awards night, corporate event, festival, or any other event. Before choosing the venue for it you must consult your Av Supplier. Yes, it’s your event, and you have the right to do anything you want with it. But the suggestions of the Av agency are extremely beneficial for the success of the event. It will ensure that not only your event looks better than everyone else. Furthermore, ensure that their experts cooperate with you at their best.

Why You Should Invite Av Supplier on Board:

It’s obvious that most of you don’t agree with this suggestion. But there are some reasons which might be enough to bring you on the same page.

1.      Is Venue Spacious?

This happens that an event organizer chooses a very amazing venue for the event. However, it appears that this area will be sufficient to compensate for the guest list at the last minute. The facility does not have enough space for a stage and other equipment. At that time event organizer find himself under a lot of stress. Because his all expectations seem to ruin soon. Moreover, with stress and lack of money he feels helpless in considering any other option.

For sure, you don’t want to face that kind of stressful and helpless situation. So, have Av Supplier at the site of your venue before locking a deal for it. This allows you to discuss the floor plan in detail to understand whether that venue can accommodate you or not.

2.      AreThere Enough Sources of Power Supply?

You can easily assume that at a venue you will find a power source to fulfil your need. But it’s so unfortunate that this is not going to happen for you. So, if you want to refrain from the mid breakout, avoid that kind of assumption. If the caterers and the equipment use the same energy source, do contact with AV agency. They will analyze a situation and is there enough power to fulfil everyone’s needs. If not, then guide in the generation of an additional source before a disastrous outcome.

3.      Is Accessing Venue Is Easy for Crew?

The idea of using a lot of technological advancement in your event is a good idea. To ensure this dream, it’s important to visit the venue early on. Some venues offer restricted time access. Some possess small or no lifts or uneven, which makes portability of equipment almost impossible. To overcome this issue the advice of the Av Supplieris worth a lot. They try to find the best possible way of logistics supply otherwise;they advise you to consider another venue.

4.      Bring Right Light and Sound To The Event:

The presence of the right kind of light or sound in an event can make or break it. Because both are extremely critical in the creation of the event’s atmosphere. The presence of Av agency from the beginning allows you to compute all additional costs and setup requirements. Their expert opinion helps choose the right light and sound for the event.

5.      Efficient Against Troubleshooting and Planning A Head:

The earlier knowledge of the venue allows Av agency to make a comprehensive event planning. They develop a whole planning sheet in which they assess all possible troubleshooting chances. It means that they use a proactive approach for all the possible issues. Ultimately, you will get a stress-free experience of your precious event. If something does change on the day, it can keep everything under control with comfort.

6.      Creativity Of Av Team:

Do you have a desire to bring a wow experience to your audience? Allow Av agency to introduce some creative tricks in your event. The interesting ways they use are projection mapping, a light at the entrance and a dinner table. Other creative tricks can be LED backdrops, video walls, or large-scale projections on the side of a building.

Summing Up:

Remember that capable Av agencies like Ems-Events are a good resource. Because they offer both technical and creative support. Both of these elements are essential to the event’s originality and success.When you keep Av agency at the initial stage of planning with you, you can have a lot of benefits. The top benefits which you can enjoy are cost-saving, time-saving, and fantastic results.


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