Do you know about the SpinePOB functionality? How can it simplify your daily order management operations? Let’s sneak out into detailed features and benefits of SpinePOB applications and uses.

What is SpinePOB? An Ideal Pen Order Booking Mobile App!

It is imperative to understand that Point of business management focuses on service, order and purchase operations. Basic delegation of these tasks rests with the sales forces, who have to spare out additional hours to manage POB tasks. This can be hectic and tiresome, thus reducing the productivity levels of the core tasks. Here the SpinePOB software comes into role play.

SpinePOB can bolster the automation of all types of business management tasks starting from order management to purchase tracking. It efficiently imparts a few additional hours to the sales team so that they can achieve their desired targets. A higher count of features infused in SpinePOB can automate your business management tasks, thus smoothing out the overall functionality.

Here are the top features that this software focuses on:

  • Order Booking
  • Showing Dispatch Status
  • Order Tracking
  • Purchase Management
  • Configuration Management

Now let’s understand the performance of SpinePOB in your Point of business management in detail.

Fundamental Features of SpinePOB Software

  1. Order Booking- None of the POB activities can get completed without the order booking process. With apt POB solutions, complete automation can get assured, and maximum output can be derived from the human workforces. It not only augments the overall business graph but also helps in the quick completion of management activities. Order booking is an integral part of POB, and SpinePOB can make it more simple, efficient and effective with a few clicks.
  2. Tracking Dispatch Status- SpinePOB can be a powerhouse that gives you a clear insight into all your shipments and the pendency related to them. Users can track any late shipments and check out the status straight through the centralized dashboard of this app. With this, the sales team can also communicate the exact status to their customers and avoid any nags from the other end. Effective POB solutions can bring an end to all your concerns and manage all dispatch statuses under a single roof. Isn’t that helpful for your business?
  3. Order Status- Usage of SpinePOB into your business also simplifies the order status management tasks. If it’s pending, wait or complete, the team can avail complete data related to every individual order status. This also helps in resource management as you can check all orders that are moving in or out. With the SpinePOB integration in your businesses, you acquire a time-savvy and minimal effort option that aids in perfect POB management at any given time.

Top Reasons to Use SpinePOB Solutions For Your Businesses

  • Record an upwards growth in your sales graph and surge up the overall sales with a flawless B2B mobile order app online.
  • Empower your overall sales reputation and be a proactive marketer by providing agility to the business operations driving up the sales with this ideal sales order app.
  • Connect with the customers and impart every bit of data related to the orders placed, shipped, dispatched and delivered. It aids in the development of long-lasting customer allies.
  • Elimination of communication gaps can also accelerate the count of order taking, and you can eliminate all types of fuss related to business operation.
  • The data-driven insights, along with the promotion performance metrics, aid in analyzing your sales-B2B channel and ensure higher engagement.

Why Go For SpinePOB?

Do you believe in injecting higher flexibility into your POB operations? It’s time to re-design the Pharma business structure by integrating automation into your entire business system. Other perks of using SpinePOB includes order automation, tailored e-Catalogs, Mobile CRM, Offline Operation, Cross-Platform Operation and Sales Rep Planner.

Other benefits of using this app are lightning speed operations, amplified sales experience, higher orders, hassle-free communication and customer-centric payment systems. Automation triggers well-managed decision making and all-around site optimization for better functionality. Hence, it’s worth a try for the Pharma businesses!

Final Verdict

The utility of SpinePOB into your business arena can bring around broad device compatibility and ensure an intuitive UI for the users. You can also avail tailored app where configurations can be managed as per your targeted business goals and marketing strategy. Generation of sales-driven info and sales forecasts is also possible with the SpinePOB into your business nest.

E-Catalogues designed as per specific categories enable higher sales satisfaction, and real-time report generation helps assess customers’ purchase trends. Finally, it is possible to deduct all manual errors and enforce automated order entries for overall operational efficiency through SpinePOB.

So, what’s holding you back from being a part of the tech-driven business era?


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