With a lot of debate going on around the utility that SMS marketing campaigns offer for businesses of all sizes, it cannot be denied that promotional SMS offers exceptional benefits of catching customers’ attention. What remains next here is tracking the Bulk SMS Service in Hyderabad campaigns.

SMS marketing as a tool

Many enterprises across the world have started adopting SMS as a significant channel of communication. This is happening because text messages are cost-effective and highly effective alongside being instant. Text messages allow corporations to deliver the message directly to their client’s mobile phones.

Earlier, it was not possible to get directly into contact with your customers on a one-to-one basis. Traditional forms of communication such as messages always existed but bulk SMS service and campaigns made the experience more personal than what could be achieved with television radio and newspaper advertisement.

What do you mean by SMS tracking?

Once you blast out the SMSs to different destinations, your job is half done. Successful campaigns require a lot of things that have to be followed after that. To ensure whether the messages reach the desired destination, analysing results and feedback on the campaign is what forms SMS tracking.

If you do not follow the necessary steps and process after sending promotional messages, you may not reach the desired results. You can use certain indicators of your user actions to understand them properly. So, it becomes essential for businesses to track SMS as it will allow your business to measure the impact of your campaigns.

You will get answers to the following important questions after traffic analysation:

  • What is the conversion rate?
  • What is the response rate of your promos?
  • What is the delivery status of the campaigns being run?
  • What is the return on investment for your SMS campaign?

Indicators to track SMS marketing campaigns

While keeping a track of your sent messages, these mentioned indicators are not to be skipped:

  • Open rate

SMS is always known to have a 98% open rate. This is much higher than other communication channels such as emails. So, you need to track whether your user opened your messages or not.

  • Delivery speed

if your messages reach the intended destination, the next step that you need to evaluate is the delivery speed. Well, you will never prefer delayed delivery. No one will like that too.

  • Delivery rate

The most vital indicator to be used is to track whether your messages have reached your target audience or not. Further, you will get to explore the loopholes that you need to fix.

  • Return on investment

To determine the success of your campaign, go through the investments made along with the outcome received on a particular campaign. You much deduct the campaign and other related costs to settle at the ROI.

  • Conversion rate

Here, you will track the number of people who click on the given link or subscribe. This also includes any purchases or orders made through the sent text.


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