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It is common to believe that user acquisition is the most critical indicator of an application’s growth; it is unachievable without user engagement. Only app installations will not provide commercial value. Brands invest great money to acquire users, but this is just the beginning. Once you secure customers, it is important to retain.  After the mobile app development, app engagement becomes an important success parameter. Build an app with that lets you create an attractive and engaging UI. 

How well your app engages and retains customers gives an authentic insight into an application’s performance. Low app engagement and retention equals failure, and high app engagement and retention equals success.

Engagement – defines the level of user participation inside an application. It is a reasonably subjective indicator, but highly engaged users participate in eleven application interactions monthly.

Retention shows how well you are able to keep your clients however the definition of the word can vary from individual to individual. 

Generally, “engagement” is how engaged and devoted users are to a specific app. The most crucial aim for businesses mainly concerned with user conversions and monetization is maintaining user engagement and guaranteeing frequent use.

Five Methods for Increasing App Participation and Retention

Effective onboarding

Despite the seeming simplicity, not all applications launch an effective onboarding procedure. Make your onboarding process as straightforward and user-friendly as feasible. Users are more likely to leave an app the more difficult it is to begin using it.

Here are some techniques to streamline the onboarding of new users:

Reduce steps required to register or establish an account and provide different registration choices (login with Facebook or Google, for example).

To explain the app’s capability, provide feature education during the onboarding process, but don’t overwhelm users immediately.

Utilize intimations

To put it in perspective, if you visit a physical business and do not receive a welcoming response, you would likely be dissatisfied with the service. 

Consider app engagement similarly. An interaction may be as easy as delivering a welcome push notice or offering helpful information as the user navigates the app. Successful applications leverage this connection to influence the consumer experience by being intelligent and purposeful in user engagement. For instance, offering appropriate shop discounts based on a user’s location is an efficient method for encouraging user interactions. A face-to-face virtual interaction with users serves as method to establish a direct connection with clients. When this interaction is incorporated, app abandonment after a single usage lower from twenty-five to nineteen percent.

In-App Messaging

The greater the compatibility between your app’s experience and a consumer demand, the users will more likely continue using your product. Within 28 days after receiving a message, user retention will vary from 61% to 74% for brands who connect with consumers through in-app messaging.

This is a great strategy to engage users as it does not need instant response from either the company’s or client’s end. This way, you can connect with every consumer, address their issues, complaints on a personal level. 

Some applications use device characteristics like demographics to locate the consumers, respond with custom replies and update them in real-time. 


You must seize the chance in case your company has a system of incentive/loyalty programmes. These programmes incentivize users to use the product and make consumers feel relevant and valuable to the company. In-app purchase-based applications comes with lots of advantages. They let you offer discounts. Additionally, you can also monetize your app by defining usage level for your audience. You can offer free version and paid version of your app both with different set of features. 

The extra advantage of establishing these channels of contact with consumers is the ability to learn about issues before publishing bad reviews in app stores. It enables you to determine the root cause of the issue and instantly address the problem affecting subsequent downloads. You will increase your engagement and retention rates by demonstrating responsiveness and answering queries or concerns, inspiring favorable reviews, and fostering long-term brand loyalty.


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