build an ADU

We have been asked plenty of times: why build an ADU? Is it really worth going through a lengthy permitting process and putting all that money into such a small unit? If you are curious, check out these reasons why you should build an ADU.

1 Increased Property Value

Whether you do a garage conversion or new construction, your property value is going to go up. This is great for people who plan on selling their property later on down the line. They can rent out the ADU now for additional income and then gain more money from selling their property later on by having it.

2 Gain Passive Income

A huge benefit to ADU is that you can rent them out to gain passive income for your family. Many people use the rent to pay off their mortgage, and some even house hack with the unit. No matter how you gain the extra income, it sure is nice to have.

3 Multi-Generational Housing

Save yourself the money of having to pay for assisted living for your parents by having them move into your ADU. Having them live in your yard allows them to stay close by in case they need your help, but also maintain a level of independence they surely desire.

Plus you won’t have to choose between giving up a room in your house or paying to have your parents put in a home. An ADU is a perfect third option!

4 Help Fight Homelessness

Whether you rent the ADU out or have family and friends who are struggling stay in it for free, you are helping to combat the growing homelessness crisis.

ADUs offer affordable living options for people who may not be able to afford a full house or apartment. They also offer a place for loved ones to stay when they are struggling financially that isn’t’ your couch.

5 Do What You Love

An ADU can be used for non-living space reasons as well. They can be home offices, pool houses, bachelor pads, she sheds, or home gyms. Whatever makes you happy, your ADU can be turned into.


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