CAT selection process

Clearing the group discussion round is crucial to the selection process when you’re trying to get admission to the top B-schools of India. Candidates who score well in the written test are shortlisted for the GD/PI round to test their communication, leadership qualities, and decision-making skills.

If you’ve prepared the GD topics well, there is a high chance that you make the cut. No wonder that being well-versed with various global events around us is a prerequisite to success in this round.

This article talks about some common reasons why group discussion topics are important for CAT selection and how they can help you get into your dream B-school.

What are group discussions? 

Before discussing possible arguments about the relevance of GD topics, let us first understand group discussions.

The GD/PI round is the next step in the CAT selection process for aspirants. After they’ve cleared the written test, the authorities call the shortlisted candidates for a GD/PI/WAT (depending upon whichever option they choose).

During these group discussions, candidates are assessed in communication, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills. Candidates are divided into 4 or 5 groups, and each group is assigned a topic they need to discuss together.

Clarity about your stand on the GD topic assigned is crucial since you can then give proper arguments for or against the topic provided to you. You must put forward your points clearly since your decision-making skills will be judged here.

Importance of group discussion topics

As stated above, knowing a few GD topics beforehand can boost your chances. Over the following few paragraphs, we’ll discuss the top reasons why we think group discussion topics are essential to the CAT selection process.

  1. Understand the exam pattern better

Referring to previous years’ GD topics can help understand the exam pattern better. Since most of the issues are related to current affairs or events that have made headlines, it will give candidates an idea of what they need to do to crack the second round successfully.

Sometimes the group discussion topics might also be repeated from the previous year, and hence, if you are prepared, it can help you frame answers better.

2. Develop creative thinking

Sometimes, to test your knowledge and quick-thinking skills, invigilators might intentionally give you abstract GD topics that require a creative approach to be appropriately answered. They can range from something as simple as – “Android vs. iOS: Which is better?” to something more complex and nuanced like- “Freedom: Is it a myth?”

What’s required here is how quickly one can frame substantial arguments around the group discussion topic allotted. To summarise, they are as much about general awareness as logical reasoning, so make sure you prepare well.

3. Filter quality over quantity

The more nuanced a GD topic, the better the chances of finding quality candidates who can be future leaders. Rather than testing a person’s knowledge, these discussions center around identifying candidates who can work effortlessly in a team setting and creatively solving problems.

When these group discussions are organized, only those who can communicate effectively and work in a team are selected.

Final Thoughts

The article discussed some common reasons why GD topics are essential to the CAT selection process. Make sure you prepare well and increase your chances of making the cut.


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