If you have developed varicose veins, there is the chance that they can become uncomfortable and painful as time goes on. When the valves and walls in your veins become damaged or are weak, blood doesn’t always stay within your veins. The blood can begin to leak out and pool in your veins which causes them to look darker and they can become enlarged, painful, and swollen. You may not always have painful symptoms when you are experiencing the appearance of varicose veins, but it is important to know what to do if they do start hurting. No one wants to live in pain and varicose veins are something that can easily be treated. Knowing what to do if these veins become painful and when it is time to see a doctor will help to keep your pain manageable and treat these symptoms of this uncomfortable condition.

Exercise and Stretch

Especially in the early stages of this condition, varicose veins can be easily treated through daily exercise and stretching. If the varicose veins in your legs or arms are just now starting to hurt, try some of these measures to help prevent the swelling aching from getting worse. Light exercising, like walking, swimming, stair stepping or biking can help to relieve the pressure in your legs and get some productive blood movement flowing to help prevent uncomfortable swelling. Stretching can be a great way to move the muscles in your legs to relieve any pressure you might be feeling. Raising your legs while laying down or sitting can also be beneficial in relieving your pain.

Use Compression Socks

Another great, and non-clinical way, to help relieve the pain if you are hurting from varicose veins is through the continuous use of compression socks. With this condition, you are going to want the blood in your legs to move more efficiently throughout your body. Compression socks and stockings are designed to wrap your legs so the blood can better move throughout these extremities and relieve you from the pain caused from varicose veins. You buy effective compression socks or stockings from a medical grade store or a pharmacy. This non-invasive technique might be just the thing you need to start feeling better.

Sclerotherapy and Surgeries

There are some extreme cases where the varicose veins are so big and too severe for the other methods to really be effective. Under these circumstances, you may want to consider varicose vein doctors Idaho Falls for more aggressive forms of treatment so you can find relief from your varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is an injectable fluid that will help to close and heal the damaged veins that are causing varicose veins. There is also laser energy that uses heat to help seal off the veins so they have time to heal and no longer be painful in your arms or legs. After a doctor evaluation, a health professional will be able to go over all your options with you to discuss the best course of action when it comes to your varicose veins.


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