In general, the advantage of chatbots can differ depending on the industry, kind of chatbot, and size of the organization, but the prime benefits are overall cost savings. AI-powered chatbots save a lot of time and money, specifically manpower expenses.

What are chatbots?

Before you start looking for an ai chatbot online, you should know what really is a chatbot. Most of the individuals have interacted with a chatbot or have heard of it, at the very slightest on the concept level.

In fact, it has turned out to be an essential part of many businesses that own customer service or a service helpdesk, mainly if they are inside a mature or important industry with high level of customer expectations and ferocious market competition.

Chatbots are kind of artificial intelligence (AI) programs that can simply mimic human conversations or chat via messaging interfaces. These interfaces encompass websites, mobile applications, and even that of messaging apps like that of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more.

Then the client-facing systems just like a customer service chatbot mechanize customer communication and answer customer queries. They even support staff by managing repetitive tasks and even answering common but complex queries. They can even also store and gather customer data for lead generation or that of even targeting potential customers.

Types of chatbots you should know

There are two prime types of chatbots used today when talking about customer service automation.

Rule based chatbot

These rule-based chatbots are formed up on pre-programmed responses that are guided by a decision tree or activated by given keywords. They are mostly used in Facebook Messenger to simply automate certain aspects of customer support. These bots are often split into a sales track for overall capturing contact details (sales funnel) and a support track for that of providing answers to basic queries or links to further level of information. In general, rule-based chatbots can just do common tasks and are restricted in what they can actually do.

AI  based chatbots

These AI chatbots use artificial intelligence/machine learning models to enhance their functionality, gauge users’ intent, and even that of in some cases, solve customer issues in the absence of the input of human agents. API integration with back-end systems may further enable bots to carry out actual tasks for customers, rather than simply providing them with self-service instructions. This is something that makes them a valuable asset for huger companies in telecommunications, banking, or even that of the public sector.

Quick benefits of chatbots

There are many important chatbot benefits that promise value both for the user and organization. Here you would get to walk through some of the many quick benefits of chatbots:

24/7 availability .

You probably have no clue how many users are browsing your website off-hours with that of questions about the service or a product. It could be that they would want to cancel their subscription, or simply a potential user is researching a service. Some companies even hire additional people to serve customers at later hours. However, it still does not really mean that customers are looking forward to wait long for their requests to get handled.

In some types of industries, even a one-minute waiting time may either turn the potential type of customers into paying ones or simply drive them away altogether. The intelligent chatbot does not really have waiting time issues as it can answer diverse inquiries at the same time. Boost the natural language processing models (NLP) can address customers’ inquiries with a proper level of high first-contact resolution rate. Such models really perform tasks in the absence of any human assistance.

Even if you own a call center and customers are turning to you during the time of off-peak hours, AI type of chatbots is able to manage these requests by implementing extra components from a callbox solution. The speech recognition model actually transcribes the call in real-time and the NLP classifier simply identifies the problem behind the request. In case a chatbot provides an answer and the customer agrees to goes on the conversation, an SMS with a link is sent to the client , which can resolve the problem without any sort of human assistance.

They form personalized experiences.

Of course, one more crucial chatbot benefit that is sometimes overlooked is that of client personalization and better customer engagement. As revealed in the Segment research, seventy one percent of the consumers are not happy when their shopping experience is objective. A chatbot is in a position to process customers’ personal data while simply browsing, which allows the bot to simply make a specific suggestion or troubleshoot once problems emerge.

Answering of customer questions and detection of sales opportunities via customer data.

There are manifold ways that a chatbot can simply leverage revenue. One of these is the outbound type of models that you probably have experienced on some websites. Such bots simply push messages with different options, e.g., booking a barber visit or that of even purchasing a service that does not need any sort of human agent intervention. These bots send messages when you are browsing a website or that of an e-commerce store and allow integrating sales funnels with proper lead magnets and follow-up messages. Such chatbot conversations are restricted to a specific function and could even sometimes annoy customers.

Some enhanced type of AI bots is able to detect sales opportunities and forward such to the appropriate agent or department. This is critical for large businesses having thousands of inquiries a day. With long waiting times, some of the sales opportunities are even lost as customers leave.

Enhanced new customer service agent onboarding.

Even the finest AI type of chatbots can automate only sixty percent to eighty percent of the incoming inquiries. Still, some requests do require a human touch—for instance, questions related to contract termination or complicated complex issues. In big companies, such as the ones in telecommunication or banking, hundreds of diverse types of questions crop up daily. Knowing everything can be really tricky even for experienced employees, mainly since answers are written in diverse manuals that just updated from time to time. Similarly , businesses must keep in mind that customer support agents do not really work longer than two years in the same position, meaning that companies need to constantly onboard and train fresh sets of employees.


To sum up, you can use the right type of solutions and platforms like Conversational AI Chatbot Platform for your business to make the most out of them.


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