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Smoking is a serious health risk. It kills over 7 million people each year and has no safe level of exposure. Some people prefer vaping because it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes or other drugs like marijuana. Vaping does not have any medical effects on the person who uses them. 

Recently, people have been using vaping instead of smoking because it is safer. They don’t want to get addicted to something that will harm them. Which relates to consuming substances such as nicotine found in traditional store-bought smoke. If you are trying to not use cannabis, then vaporizers are a good option. They don’t contain addictive levels of THC like other forms of cannabis. 

There are people who want to stop smoking and they can use e-cigarettes. They don’t contain nicotine.  

If you want to quit smoking, there is no need to face it alone. Nearly three out of five smokers say that they would like to stop for their health and the wellbeing of others who are around them. Smoking can be dangerous for your health. It can make you have heart problems, which is not good if they are not caught early enough. 

E-cigarettes may seem like they are safer than traditional cigarettes. But the truth is that they still have nicotine in them. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do. That way you will stop this bad habit. As long-term effects could lead back into old habits when trying new ones or entering stressful situations. Where stress leads us right back into those bad habits we’re attempting to leave behind.

Vaping cause less damage 

The vape pen is a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaporizers release water vapor that contains no substances harmful for the human body as opposed to smoke from combustible material. This will contain up to 7,000 chemicals and 300 of them are common carcinogens, mentioned on vape cartridge boxes packaging. You will not smell bad like you would if you were around cigarette smokers all day long. 

Vaping is the new go-to for tobacco smokers who want an alternative to cigarettes. It contains flavors and other chemicals that help a person inhale water vapor, which can be less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes. Regular cigarette contains more than 6,000 different types of chemicals with many being toxic or carcinogenic. Nicotine in cigarettes is highly addictive which is why smokers find it so difficult to quit. 

following are the dangerous disease caused by smoking:

  • difficulty in breathing.
  • lungs infection
  • laziness
  • brain damage and stroke
  • stomach cancer

 Smoking tobacco products, like cigarettes and cigars, is harmful for your health. Smoking contains many toxic chemicals which can lead to cancer or other ailments when inhaled over time. 

ne of the most prominent differences between smoking a vaping is that one produces smoke while the other produce vapours. Tobacco smoke contain high amounts of dangerous toxins and carcinogens from combustion whereas vapes are safer.  

Because they do not use heat in order to create vapor so it does not damage lungs as much. Instead, a person uses their mouth-tongue vibrating action on top of aerosol dispensed into them by using a personal inhaler device called vape pen with e-liquids (ejuices).  

Switching completely from traditional smoking habits could decrease toxicity since you are not inhaling fumes or by products from combustion.  

Traditional cigarettes need to be lit with fire, but the other one heats liquid. The vapor can be inhaled by the user. By process of heating, it produces aerosol particles that resemble cigarette smoke more than vapors. 

 After pressurized by your family and friends to kick the smoking habit, you finally decide to give vaping a try. After all, it’s healthier for both yourself and those around you. Vaping does not produce any smoke that can be harmful- in fact there are no chemicals or toxins at all.  

The smell is greatly reduced because vapers use dry herb vaporizers which don’t have a lingering odor like cigarettes. Cigarettes after they’re finished burning into ashes on their filter tips attached smell all over that person.  

A dry herb vaporizer is a device that emits steam from heated herbs. It’s easy to enjoy the benefits of this type of vapor. Because it offers an exciting variety in flavors and sensations. Dry vaporizers are also economical for those who want to save money on their smoking habit by using dried up herbs instead of expensive smokes. 

Well, vaping basically uses vaporizers instead of the combustion that cigarettes use to deliver nicotine into your bloodstream. 

Despite what most people think, vaping is healthier than traditional smoking. It produces less harmful vapor and doesn’t involve heating the material to reach its desired effect like with regular cigarettes do. 

To smoke is a harmful habit that can lead to serious health problems like lung cancer. People who switched from cigarettes to vaping saw their blood vessel function increase by around 1.5 percentage points within four weeks. Over time this causes cells that produce mucus to grow bigger and eventually go out of control resulting in dangerous blockages or infections inside the respiratory system. 

Smoking is like a one-way ticket to lung aging. It speeds up the process of your lungs getting old, and leaves you more vulnerable against infection. 

Sometimes, sun causes wrinkles on our skin. It also puts us at a higher risk for getting sick because it speeds up how fast we age in general. 

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Vaping is inhaling a vapor made from an e-cigarette into your lungs. Recent studies show that it might be good for you. A study says that former smokers who now vape instead, they were halfway to achieving vascular health as non-smokers within only one month’s time. 

Those who switched from cigarettes to vaping saw their blood vessel function increase by around 1.5 percentage points within four weeks. Which is a dramatic change for such short period of time and could potentially lead to improved heart health in the long run. 

However, packaging of both cigarette’ and vape shows all pros and cons on it. All printing companies have an access to mention negative causes of smoking on packaging. But still people addicted to it because of its taste and habit.


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