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Software trends are constantly changing and to grow any business,implementation of these techniques will take the business to higher levels.As far as the Software Development industry is considered, the current digitalization trends will continue with many more changes, innovations, and new uses of existing technologies.Advanced technology always evolves in the western world and the public Cloud will continue to replace the regional Data Center.It is predicted that in the coming years, the public Cloud will also be the go-to Infrastructure for Enterprises, Government, and Startups. What we see now is that the public Cloud is now the hotbed of digital innovation, and this trend will continue in the coming years.Hence it can be summarized that in short the public cloud is also playing a significant role in democratizing Security, Block chain and bringing many innovations in an accessible way to the customer.

The top 5 software development trends for 2022 which needs to be adopted are

  1. Using Web 3.o
  2. Role of NEFT
  3. Cloud-native Technology
  4. Benefits of Cybersecurity with DevSecOps
  5. Empowering AI and ML driven Approaches

Using Web 3.0

The current scenario has led to the transformation of web applications from simple, static pages to more sophisticated and interactive experiences.

The demand in web takes to the next step in evolution of the web which is Web Three or Web Applications. These types of applications are easily identified by their sophistication and interactivity. They go the extra mile which is beyond the simple, static pages’ standard in earlier web versions.

Web Three applications are developed using JavaScript, hence they are more dynamic and responsive. They can also meet the huge demand in the Software Development by taking advantage of modern computer hardware for faster load times.

Currently, Web Three experiences will be restricted to desktop browsers or high-end mobile devices (such as smartphones with OLED screens). Well the reality is experts are working on this area so that they can make it compatible with all the devices.

Web Three Applicationsin a Glance:

  • More sophisticated and interactive experiences.
  • Developed using JavaScript for a more dynamic and responsive design.
  • User Friendly as it senses the modern computer hardware for faster load times.

Role of NEFT

Money laundering and converting money to show its legal, is being discouraged by all Corporates.

Hence NEFT will play a very prominent role, as it would be the preferred payment method for Software Development Outsourcing. NEFT allows for secure, transparent, and fast payments between businesses and contractors. Hence, this will be a part of a more significant trend towards block chain-based payments. NEFT is expected to become the most common form of payment in Software Development Outsourcing (SDO) in this current year.

Advantages of using NEFT Tokens:

  • The advised form of payment in Software Development Outsourcing.
  • Secure, transparent, and fast payments.
  • Powered by the NEFF blockchain as it has some unique advantages.

Domination of Cloud-native Technology

Software development companies are looking forwards on cloud-native technology. An architecture software which is designed to run inside distributed public, private, and hybrid clouds is Cloud-native software. When working with multiple servers software products need this design to be efficient and scalable.

Advantages of Cloud-native Software Architecture:

  • When working with multiple servers software products are efficient and scalable.
  • Software products are user friendly as they can run anywhere, including public, private, or hybrid clouds.
Role of Cybersecurity with DevSecOps

The expected key for cybersecurity trend for 2022 is DevSecOps, which combines development, security, and operations to enhance software products’ overall safety.

DevSecOps is able to allow the earlier detection of potential security risksand also the discovery of implicit security platforms. Whenever vulnerabilitiesare discoveredDevSecOpsstreamlines the process of fixing.

Merits of using DevSecOps:
  • More secure software productsbecause they’re designed with security in mind.
  • Potential vulnerabilities can be fixed after earlier detection.
Increased Power to AI and ML-driven Approaches

It’s foreseen that in 2022Software Development Outsourcing will use Artificial intelligence (AI) andMachine literacy(ML) driven approaches.

A software which is designed to learn from data to make prognostications or conduct without being explicitly programmed is Artificial intelligence.

Machine literacyallows for further robust prophetic analytics and automated decision timber as it is a part of the more significant trend towards artificial intelligence. This technology boosts software productsto perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Merits of using AI and ML in software development
  • Without being explicitly programmed it enables software products to make prognostications and take conduct.
  • These approaches facilitate to meet the requirements of their guests, hence inventors will implement such tools for clarity.
  • When powered by AI or ML technology, software products are more powerful and effective at performing jobs.


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