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Creating new articles now and then is not possible because there is very little information about certain subjects on the web. There is also not much time available to spend on new research, so one must rely on the ideas and materials already published on the web or available in the traditional libraries. If you want to create a new post, you can easily do it by using the rewriting technique.

Article rewriting refers to the genius process of restating words, sentences, and even complete essays in your own unique words & style without compromising the message or core idea of the original draft. Now you must know that rewriting is a very common and important technique used by writers, so you need to master it. Sometimes, if you rewrite content correctly, it can easily become better than the original version itself.

If you are planning on rewriting content that you or another writer has already published, you need first to read this post. This post will discuss the tips to help you create content better than its original version. Rewriting is not an easy task, so you should definitely read this post before creating a new draft.

Top tips to make your content better than the original version!

Consider these top tips if you want to create the best content:

Read the original text multiple times

Know that the best content is the one that provides clear and concise information to the reader. If a reader gets confused after reading your content, it would simply increase its bounce rate. To make the content understandable for the readers, you must first understand the original draft yourself. Reading the original post multiple times can help you get the hang of the main idea of the draft. Once you understand the main idea, you can explain it in your own words and provide your insights on the topic.

Recreate the headlines in your words

A common mistake that writers usually make while rewriting content is that they don’t change the main headings used in the original draft. Well, you should know that headings are the most interesting pieces of content that can win the interest of a common reader. This is why we would urge you to create new and interesting headings for your version. The headline should be crispy and optimized for SEO. You can use online headline analyzer tools to get help in coming up with the best and most relevant headings.

Rearrange subheadings and passages in your content

Another way of making your content better than the original version is by rearranging passages. If you provide information in the same flow as the original post, you would be accused of plagiarism. To avoid this issue you have to make sure that you rearrange all the information and present it in a unique structure. Making the structure unique is quite helpful when it comes to optimizing the quality of content.

Redefine the introduction or conclusion 

Another important tip that you need to focus on is that you need to rewrite both the introduction and the conclusion. If you are using the same intro and the conclusion data, it will show similarities. Once you understand the original post, you can easily create your own intro and your own conclusion according to your understanding of the topic. By creating unique introductory and conclusion passages, you can easily make your version sound better than the original one.

Improve the tone of content and make it clearer

Another tip to make your content better is to improve the tone of your version. You need to make the content flawless and straightforward for the readers. If there are errors in the original version or you see wordiness in it, you need to make sure that you avoid these errors in your version. The more clear your content is, the easier it will be to read for the users. A clear tone makes your content simple and best for SEO.

Ensure that your content is free of plagiarism

You have to make sure that your content is free of plagiarism. Your draft should have intentional or accidental traces of duplication. Otherwise, it will piss off your readers and the search engine. You can use an online plagiarism checker to ensure that your work is original.

Bonus Tip: An easy way to rewrite content!

Manually rewriting content can be hectic. If you don’t want to put in manual effort, the easiest way to do it is using an online article rewriter. Rewording tool can help to rewrite article that is already written or used and create a unique version. You just have to enter the text in the input box of the article rewriter and hit the ‘rewrite’ or ‘paraphrase’ button. Within seconds a new version would be created. Modern paraphrasing tools can create easy-to-read content in less than


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