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Mathematics is a problem accessing subject and it requires many strategies to solve, though one can find many strategies the right attitude always helps in developing the right attitude.

Having the right attitude makes the learning pathway much easier especially in the case of mathematics. Also, preparing for the Olympiad requires some special strategies that one can keep in mind to produce better results.

  • Get to know the paper pattern

What is most observed is that students start preparing for the exams without even checking out the paper pattern and the syllabus of the paper they have to attempt, resulting in some sad disappointments in the future when they realize that they have to solve a large number of questions in a very small interval of time. Being aware of the paper, the pattern allows the student to prepare mentally better for the exam and it makes them more stable for the preparation too.

  • Misconception about the syllabus

One cannot prepare for an examination without knowing the syllabus for sure. Especially in the case of the maths Olympiad, it has been that questions will be asked on the international stage so it would be out of the syllabus or course but what the case is that everything asked is based only on the NCERT syllabus. Preparing for the requires only your NCERT textbooks deeply. The fact is that the question is just having a critical logic behind it but all you need to do is just prepare four NCERT syllabus very consciously.

  • Following a scheduled

Clearing the International Olympiad is not an easy task for sure as only the best of the meritorious excels, for making sure to be outshined a proper schedule needs to be followed.

Managing the proper time given to the theory, concepts, and question practice need to be done to ensure a good balance.

It is not necessary that one has to solve an infinite number of questions or read a lot of theories all the time. Based on the skills and mental level of the student the timetable should be followed accordingly.

  • Consistency and Hard Work

Most of the students start with a very brilliant enthusiasm and willingness but over time it fades away due to new challenges and failures of not solving easy questions. It has to be kept in mind that you are competing on an international level of exam and that need consistency and hard labour to be reached. Surely it’s a pain that one has to suffer in the start but over time it gets easier and rooted into the habits.

There are no shortcuts for reaching anything wonderful and nothing is impossible to achieve. The zeal and determination need to be strong enough to face all the challenges in the path to overcome all the obstacles. Like just in the gym when a trainer says one rep more each day, one pound more each day, it will result in a better pump of the muscle, in the same way, doing one more chapter each day, one the more hard problems each day will assure your excellence in the exam.

  • Sources of Study

When one starts preparing the child may get confused about where he or she should start and from what sources the study needs to be done.

When the students ask from the elders they are advised wrongly or kept in the dark that they need to solve some extraordinary books to succeed. On the other hand, the truth is solving only the NCERT and the NCERT examplers is more than enough for successfully preparing for the examination.

  • PYQs (Previous Year Questions)

One other good source of questions is PVQs that are previous year questions.

Solving the PYQs provides a good idea for the students to prepare for the exam as they get aware of the questions which have been already asked once.

Students can self-assess themselves like how much they have prepared themselves, do they need more hardships or do they just need to follow their current state of preparations. PYQs can be easily found on Google in the form of PDFs and Docs. You can find here the IMO Class 5 2016 Question Paper.

  • Notes for Revision 

Whilst preparing for the Olympiad, you need to revise the concepts again and again repeatedly, also you do not have so much time to read chapters again, therefore it is recommended to everyone aspirants to prepare keynotes for every chapter to summarize everything in a short format. Those notes will come in handy when revision, as they will reduce the number of hours spent on reading the large volumes of theoretical chapters furthermore.

Another advantage of taking notes is that you can easily memorize everything in a better way. When one writes the concepts on his own and manipulates the lines, it got established into the mind that exists longer in the long-term memory of the brain.

  • The Final Moments

At the final moment when the students sit in the examination hall, they get nervous which results in poor delivery of their performance because of nervousness and instability of the mind. One needs to stay calm and peaceful when giving the final examination. Some early preparation is highly recommended for such scenarios. One of the useful and easy ways to handle anxiety at these moments is drinking small sips of water at regular intervals. Stretching arms and palms is also a good option to relax your mind and free the stress in your body due to prolonged sitting, it releases the tension from the mind and body.

  • Recognizing Yourself!

Now that at the very end it is much needed to mention that one should believe in himself or herself that she can do this very exam. They are capable of cracking this very opportunity at the very first attempt. Self-motivation is one of the most important factors that can be very valuable for all aspirations. Dreams when seen from open eyes can be only achieved when they are lived in daylight.


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