Sock Boots

To provide a customised and, most importantly, secure fit around the foot, sock boots were created in 2010. However, not all firms have put together a sizable selection of sock boots because some people are still unsure of their advantages over their sockless counterparts.

What advantages are there?

In comparison to conventional type boots, the main advantage of sock boots is that they offer a precise and comfortable fit on the foot. This is because the higher-up sock extension forms a mould around the ankle and foot, resulting in a secure fit.

How to wear sock boots

Similar to the fit of a crew sock, sock boots are designed to wrap tightly around your ankle. They are adaptable and comfy, and they give any outfit a dash of great fashion. Sock boots are often made of materials like suede, leather, neoprene, and knit. You can dress up or down these fashionable boots in a multitude of ways, so you’re sure to discover a pair that complements your style and wardrobe!

For a comfortable look, team your sock boots with a sweater dress.

An otherwise low-maintenance sweater dress can be given a hint of distinction with the smooth, refined appearance of a sock boot. The comfortable dress will be balanced off by the tight sock boots, which will also highlight your legs and give you a slimmer look. To give your sweater dress a flared shape at the bottom, try belting it. This will let the skinny sock boots stand out more. For a playful, comfortable style, put on sweater-material sock boots.

Wear wide-leg jeans with your sock boots

Sock boots look excellent underneath wide-leg jeans because they fit snugly against your leg. Wear a pair of vibrantly coloured sock boots over a pair of wide-leg jeans for a chic everyday look and top off the look with a blouse that matches the colour of the boots. Steer clear of pairing slim jeans with sock boots. You’ll end up with your pants bunched up around your ankles because you most likely won’t be able to tuck the jeans into your boots.

To add more colour, tuck a pair of colourful socks under your sock boots.

Although you may also add contrast to a pair of multicoloured boots, this is a terrific method to dress up ordinary black or brown sock boots. Match the socks to another element of your clothing, such as your skirt or shirt, to make everything look more put together. For them to be seen, try to choose a pair of socks that is just a hair taller than your sock boot. Think about donning a set of boot socks with lace or other charming trim!


Windsor Smith is one company that has fully embraced the sockless boot trend. The sportswear giant, which embraces the concept of footwear that fits like a glove, presently boasts the widest selection of sock boots on the market.


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