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Accidents happen every day. According to the National Safety Council (NSC) preliminary reports, approximately 21,400 people lost their lives between January and June 2021, and 2,440,000 others sustained injuries that required seeing a doctor.

While these numbers may be a statistic to many, they are more than just that to those affected. They mean a loss of livelihood, ever-piling medical and utility bills. “The estimated cost of injuries and property damage for the first half of 2021 was $241.9 billion,” cited a statement in the NSC report.

If you suffer injuries or someone you love is injured in an accident resulting from another person’s fault, knowing the steps to take can help you recover fair compensation for your damages.

Seek Medical Attention and Keep Every Document

After an automobile accident, seeking medical attention should be the priority even when you feel okay. Due to the adrenalin rush produced by your body in reaction to the accident, it is possible not to feel the pain even when severely injured, so it is always a good idea to have a doctor do a checkup.

Besides helping you ensure your health, seeing a doctor enables you to obtain medical records that can help build a connection between the accident and the visit. Suppose you don’t see the doctor early enough. In that case, insurance adjusters may claim your injuries were not severe or that your injuries did not result from the accident, which can lower the value of your compensation.

Call Emergency Services and Document the Accident

If you can, call emergency services such as an ambulance service and the police. First responders often write reports about the accident, which can be helpful to your lawyer when navigating your claim.

You may also want to document the accident scene by taking photos and video footage whenever possible. If you cannot do it yourself, you may ask an onlooker to help. As part of documenting, you may also consider taking witness statements and contacts, the other driver’s contacts, license plates, their insurer information, and any relevant information.

Get Legal Representation

If you have a personal lawyer on call, contacting them as early as possible is good. If you don’t have one, take your time to get one as long as you keep every piece of evidence safe. However, you must consider your state’s statute of limitations, so you do not want to take long before talking to a lawyer.

Whatever you do, do not navigate a personal injury claim on your own, especially if the injuries are severe. Insurance adjusters will always try to lower the value of your compensation, resulting in individuals recovering way less than they deserve.

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Get Extra Precautionary Cover

If an automobile accident involves an uninsured driver, recovering compensation for your damages may not be as easy as it would with an insured driver.

Therefore, you may need to carry an uninsured motorist coverage to ensure that you stay safe in such a scenario, especially if you do not live in a no-fault state.


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