Contested Strategy Games

Do you love to play the strategy games in e-sport? Or maybe you are a person who love those completions in several professional tournaments?

It is actually a kind of genre which is loved and also played by a lot of gamers worldwide. You can say that it has the super wide trend and that is why; some are used as a professional competition info about pulse slot deposit.

It’s style is really competitive which makes this game is really popular. However, not all of them have the right standard to be put into the professional competition.

In fact, seeing some strategy games in e-sport with the high standard are also easy to find. Make sure to know each of them properly, especially if you want to join it

What is the Strategy Game Genre?

Actually it is a game which let you to make the right strategy to defeat the enemy. Usually, a player will get several times before he can execute their action at last.

This genre has been found since a very long time ago, even since 5 thousand years ago. This thing needs the effective and quick thinking to defeat the whole enemies.

Before, that can be only played offline, but now it has been moving into the digital world. The interesting thing is that the strategy games in e-sport are played competitively.

For your information, there are also some sub – genres which can be found. One of them is the real time strategies or it is also called as the RTS.

The example is like the StarCraft which is really famous in the industry. It is an online type and has the RTS system among all. However, there are still some other titles which are included in some tournaments.

The Most Contested Strategy Games in E-Sport

So, if you like this type slot gambling recommendation via pulse and want to watch it’s trending professional tournaments, make sure to know the lists. It is especially about the games that are mostly contested.

In fact, there Are several titles which always be on the lists. What are those lists? Here is the further information to know.

  1. Star Craft: Brood War

This game is owned by the Blizzard Entertainment and has been popular since many years ago. The reason is it’s competitive style which is loved by most of the gamers.

The Star craft was firstly released in 1998 and continue to be played until now in the international scale. The great thing is that it also has the remaster edition. That edition has a better graphic than before.

The Star Craft: brood war is one of the strategy games in e-sport that has the professional class in several countries. The tournaments are even held every week and always has the huge participants. The example is the BW jeez weekly.

2. War Craft III

The next stop is interesting pulse slot for sure the War Craft III that is so legendary. This genre comes from a game studio named the Blizzard Entertain. The gamers have been familiar with them.

War Craft III was firstly released in 2002 and continues to develop as one of the best in the market. It is played by creating the team and weapons to destroy the enemy base.

You can also choose some actions and heroes in it. This game is so famous in the international and professional e-sport industry. Several tournaments use one of these strategy games in e-sport.

Those tournaments are like the NEXT 2019 spring, WGL 2019 summer, and World Cyber Games 2019. The rewards given are also huge.

3. Star Craft II

Besides the Brood War series, the Star Craft II is also well known in this world. This genre was firstly released in 2010 by the Blizzard Entertainment company.

Just like the Brood War, the star craft II is also RTS which is played by preparing some soldiers and fight the enemies. The aim is to destroy their base in order to become a winner.

However, Star Craft II is different than the other types since it has the futuristic designs and owned the cool alien characters. It is really unique, fresh and authentic at the same time.

Furthermore, it also becomes a reason why it is one of the strategy games in e-sport which are internationally contested. There are some tournaments that include it to their list.

The examples are like the Global StarCraft II, 2019 WCS fall, World electronic sport games 2018, and many more again. Those have the huge rewards up to thousand USD.

The Clash Royale

It is the next option that is professional contested in the tournament. This option is available for the mobile type and was firstly released in 2016. Do you quite familiar about it?

The clash royale is developed by Supercell and it contains various characters from the COC game. It can Be played 1 v or even 2 v 2 where it has the simple way of playing as well.

Every players can bring 8 different Cards which are able to be Used in a match. After that, you should destroy the main base of the enemy before running out of time pulse slot deposit.

It is one of the strategy games in e-sport that are played for the mobile type. However, it also has the great tournaments such as the world cyber games 2019, clash royale league 2019 Asia, etc.

Company of Heroes 2

Company of heroes 2 is also the RTS type made by the Relic Entertsinment. It is released for the OS X and Microsoft Windows. It was firstly made in 2013 or for about 8 years ago.

Comoany of Heroes 2 is the sequel of the previous edition with the same title. The background is the second world war with various styles to play this genre.

Just like the other strategy games, company of heroes II also has some popular tournaments such as the Company of Heroes 2 Go4 by ESL And some other competitions.

Besides the options above, there are still some other titles which are able to found right now. Most of those strategy games in e-sport are interesting with the great visual design.


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