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Society has undergone a vast transformation, especially in the last two years after the pandemic started threatening our lives. But despite the impact of  Covid-19, as per a report of the State Bank of India, 142 lakh new individual investors joined the  Stock Market during the two years of 2020-2021. The credit for this goes to Stock Market Apps. These apps provide investors with multiple investment opportunities within a simple platform.  Investors can always keep themselves updated with every happening in the Stock Market. They make the Stock Market a safe place to spend your money and time with.

Mobile applications play an indispensable role in our life.  One can trade instantly, making the trading experience safer, more comfortable, and convenient. To trade and invest in the Stock Market, one needs to open a Demat Account app through an online stockbroker.

Demat Account

A Dematerialisation account is commonly known as a Demat Account which holds all your  Shares and securities electronically. It keeps track of all your transactions and investments in  Shares,  Exchange-traded funds,  Bonds,  Mutual funds, etc., in one place. India, it is now mandatory to hold all  Shares and other Securities in a Demat account only as per SEBI. It is easy to invest and trade in the Stock Market with a Demat account within just a few clicks. The Demat account allows traders and investors to access all your holdings from anywhere at any time. Many stock brokerage firms in India provide the facility to open a Demat account. But one of the reliable brokerage firms to choose to open a Demat account in India and trade/invest in India is IIFL Securities. Their mobile Stock trading application, IIFL Markets App, is one of the best stock trading apps that provide users with a better and more convenient trading experience.

IIFL Markets App

IIFL Securities is one of the leading full-service brokers in India, offering to open a Trading Account and a Demat account. They provide such facilities through their IIFL Markets App. Traders & investors can explore different investment options on this app. It takes only a few minutes to open a Demat account in the IIFL Markets app. One can open a Demat account for free on IIFL Securities.

IIFL securities are among the leading Stock Brokers in India, offering their customers stock brokerage services for over a decade.  They have introduced a mobile application for Stock Market called IIFL Market App. This app has already been credited as the most downloaded mobile application in India. It integrates the most advanced technologies to provide timely updates and information to its customers. The application is available for android, iPhone, and iPad. It has a huge set of features and benefits.

IIFL Securities provides seamless integration of your Demat account with your Trading & Bank accounts and gives a hassle-free investment & trading experience.  The IIFL Markets App is just not a regular online trading app. It provides various advantages such as  Advanced Technical Charting,  Trading tips, Lives Buy/Sell trading calls for  Equity, F&Os, Free Guest User Login, etc.  Many investors and traders, especially youngsters, fail to earn good returns. They lack adequate knowledge and basic skills to trade and invest in the Stock Market. The IIFL Markets App also provides its clients with useful resources to make smart investments and trades.

IIFL Markets is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for an app that uses new technologies and online tools with a simple user interface.


Stock Market Apps like IIFL Markets app by IIFL Securities has made the life of investors and traders simple and tension-free. Nowadays, opening a Demat account and trading account is not as difficult as in the past, with mobile applications. It has become an extremely easy and hassle-free process and saves you more money.  This app is a one-stop- solution for all your trading/investments’ needs and requirements, letting you trade & invest in various  Stocks and  Mutual funds at your convenience.


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