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Decorating a new space according to your  desires is essential for happiness and peace. But coherence of decor is necessary but can be difficult by yourself. This is why there exists professionals in the form of interior designers. They can be quite expensive but there are certain tips they recommend for decorating a space. If you follow this plan, it will be for you to go about decorating your home so that it looks professional and beautiful.

●    Choose your aesthetic-

Before you go about picking items to decorate a room with, you have to decide the mood of the room. The mood or aesthetic can be tones you’d like or a certain feel that draws you. Your study can be dark academia with lots of browns, beige, and whites. If you want an ocean themed room, you’ll need sea green, light blue, and white tones. If coordinating furniture with such colours seems difficult, you can always rent furniture in Kolkata. It will help the planning process if you look for inspirations for the aesthetic on blogs, videos, and magazines.

●    Decisions-

Deciding how a room should look should be completely according to your choices. But make sure that you don’t  strive towards designs that look beautiful in your head. It is important to design a space according to your necessities. For instance, you might like big oak dining tables but it can be extremely wasteful to get that item in a home of two. Start the design of a home with the purpose of using each furniture item. You can get furniture on rent in Bangalore to make sure you have all the necessary items, even if you’re not buying them.

●    Map out-

All the pieces you get need to fit perfectly in the space. To ensure that, map out the design. Have a basic structure at hand for the design. You will need this rough blueprint to see where furniture will be placed. Once that is decided, you will also need to measure these areas. Stick to these measurements while choosing pieces so that they fit in their intended spaces. If you do not want to take any risks, you can always get furniture for rent in Bangalore. Ensure the plan works with rented furniture before deciding to buy.

●    Anchor piece-

Having an anchor piece in a room helps bring the room together easily. The anchor piece is the biggest item in a room which is supposed to draw attention. In a living room, it’s the couch, in a bedroom, it’s the kids mattress, etc.

Make sure that this piece contrasts with the wall and fits in the room properly. Getting this item first is important since all the other items like a coffee table or a drawer are based on this piece.Once you decide on this anchor piece, getting the other items in the room will be easier. Make sure they match. You can rent furniture in Kolkata to save money on the side pieces.

Once you have all the important pieces, you can accessories the rooms with rugs, pillows, art, lightnings, etc.


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