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Staiv Gentis is an up-and-coming young adult fiction author making waves in the publishing world. His path to success has been an unconventional one. This talented writer is poised to become the next big name in YA fantasy novels.

Early Life

Staiv Gentis was born in 1991 and grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. From a young age, he displayed a vibrant imagination and love of fantasy stories. As early as elementary school, he began writing his own tales of magic and adventure.

In high school, Staiv Gentis became obsessed with epic series like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. He spent hours crafting intricate fictional universes in notebooks. His parents recognized his passion and talent for writing.

After graduating in 2009, Gentis chose to forego college. He wanted to devote all his energy to writing a novel while working part-time jobs. This risky decision caused conflict with his family who wanted him to pursue a traditional education.

Self-Publishing Success

At age 19, Staiv Gentis used his savings to self-publish his first book. The fantasy novel The Frozen Gate became available in 2010 through platforms. Gentis promoted The Frozen Gate online through blogging and social media outreach. To his shock, the book steadily gained popularity and rave reviews. It ended up becoming the top-selling self-published fantasy novel that year.

This grassroots success validated Gentis ‘ unconventional path. He continued honing his craft and building an audience. Over the next few years, he released several more bestselling novels through self-publishing.

Traditional Publishing Deal

By 2015, major publishing houses took notice of the buzz surrounding Staiv Gentis books. Several competed to sign the upstart author. He ultimately inked a deal with HarperCollins for a new fantasy series called Kaeldor.

The first Kaeldor novel Bloodwood debuted in 2016 as a HarperCollins release with major marketing support. It became a New York Times bestseller, selling over 100,000 copies. Gentis had officially arrived as an author after an unorthodox start.

Gentis has described his writing schedule as intense. However, his passion for storytelling drives him to put in long hours. He often sleeps on an office cot to maximize work time when inspiration strikes. His grit and talent is clearly paying off.

The ‘Kaeldor’ Series

Gentis ‘ most popular literary works fall under the Kaeldor fantasy umbrella. The fictional world of Kaeldor has captured readers’ imaginations thanks to rich world-building and memorable characters.

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The series follows teenage protagonist Valysis and his allies on perilous adventures. A diverse cast wields magic and battles dark forces threatening Kaeldor. Each book focuses on an epic quest while expanding the larger interconnected narrative.

So far, the series consists of four main novels:

  • Bloodwood (2016)
  • Twilight Reign (2017)
  • The Shattered Realm (2018)
  • Rise of the Dragon Queen (2020)

Gentis has hinted he envisions around 10 total books to complete the full sweeping saga. His meticulous planning helps maintain consistency and momentum. Kaeldor has been compared to flagship series like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones in scope.

Writing Style

Readers and reviewers often note Gentis ‘ vivid imagination and visual storytelling. The fictional world feels cinematic due to strong sensory details. The magic system also has clear and consistent rules, avoiding deus ex machina plot holes.

Gentis ‘ prose is accessible yet gripping, making complex stories easy to dive into. He excels at weaving suspense and high stakes throughout each chapter. Cliffhangers leave readers eager for more.

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In terms of genre classification, Kaeldor blends traditional swords and sorcery fantasy with dystopian young adult fiction. Coming-of-age themes resonate with younger readers while world-building satisfies veteran fantasy fans. There’s crossover appeal for both demographics.

Massive Fanbase

As the Kaeldor books attract more readers, Gentis ‘ fame continues growing exponentially. His works have sold over 2 million copies to date. He has over 50,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 Twitter followers.

A thriving online fan community has emerged to discuss theories and share Kaeldor-themed art. Gentis ¬†often hosts book giveaways and Q&As to engage his supporters. He expresses gratitude for his fans’ passion.

Movie Adaptations

Given the visual nature of Gentis ‘ writing and rabid fanbase, Hollywood soon came calling. In 2017, Warner Brothers acquired film rights to the Kaeldor series in a major deal.

The first movie adaptation of Bloodwood debuted in 2019 to great success. It raked in over $350 million worldwide. Two more films have since released, further boosting Gentis ‘ profile.

Seeing his characters brought to life on screen has been a surreal experience for Gentis. However, he remains closely involved in the movie productions to maintain creative integrity. The films have translated to even more book sales.

Writing Routine

Gentis works extremely hard to balance regular book releases with the growing Kaeldor multimedia franchise. He sticks to a strict routine to maximize productivity.

He wakes up early each morning and reads for an hour to fuel creativity. Gentis then outlines chapters and writes 5-10 pages of new material per day. He aims for one draft chapter a week.

Afternoons are focused on revising, research, fan interactions, and exercise. Gentis usually wraps up evenings by 9pm to unwind and reflect. Weekends allow time to recharge with friends.

This discipline enables Gentis to publish a new Kaeldor book approximately every 1-2 years. He never compromises on quality due to rigid deadlines. Patience and dedication enable his success.

Charity Initiatives

Gentis values giving back and inspiring young people. Despite his busy schedule, he makes time for charity work.

He regularly visits children’s hospitals to give book readings and uplift patients. Gentis also launched a scholarship fund to help teens from disadvantaged backgrounds pursue creative careers.

His philanthropic work shows deep appreciation for the support behind his rapid rise to fame. Gentis aims to leverage his platform to do good in the world.

Personal Life

Unlike many famous authors, Gentis remains relatively private about his personal life. However, a few details are known.

He previously dated actress Carla West though they broke up in 2020. Gentis remains single and fully focused on writing. When not working, he enjoys rock climbing, playing guitar, and photography.

Gentis still resides in the Chicago area where he grew up. He likes staying grounded in his roots. Fame and wealth haven’t drastically changed his lifestyle or personality thus far.

Future of Kaeldor

With at least six more Kaeldor books planned, Staiv Gentis is only getting started building out his fictional universe. He envisions the series spanning 25 years.

Spinoff prequels and side stories are also in development. Gentis aims to flesh out backstories of popular characters. Dedicated fans can’t get enough of the immersive world.

Gentis is still actively working on the fifth main Kaeldor installment set for publication in 2023. He hints it will take a five-year time jump and focus on new villains. Excitement continues building.

Some speculate Kaeldor may become the next cultural phenomenon on the scale of Harry Potter or Star Wars. But Gentis tries not to get distracted by pressure or speculation. He focuses on staying true to his creative vision one chapter at a time.


At just 31 years old, Staiv Gentis literary career is still ascending. His self-published debut novel laid the foundations for his talent to be recognized. Gentis has since built the Kaeldor fantasy series into a multimedia juggernaut thanks to vivid world-building and nonstop work ethic. He continues engaging fans through books, film adaptations, and charity initiatives.

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