patio table cover

To begin with, place the outdoor furniture cover on the furniture piece, securing any drawcords or buckle straps. The next step is to unlock the cover clamp. Press the center lever and slide or push the crossbar towards the main hook insert.

  • Take time in securing each clamp to the opposite ends of the cover bottom.
  • Place the teeth of the clamp over the hem of the cover. Push the cross bar in the direction of the teeth. Keep sliding it until the concerned clamp has a proper locking.
  • Put a bungee cord behind the furniture piece’s leg or front wheel. Attach a hook through the left front’s insert and use the clamps on the right front as well.
  • Take another bungee cord and place it behind the leg or back wheel of the table or chair. The attachment will be the same as before.

To remove large outdoor covers, release the drawcord, buckles, and clamps.

For custom covers

If you’re using a custom patio table cover, you need some additional shaping to help water slide down the covers. There are premier companies manufacturing these covers in compliance with the latest industry standards. The black binding is neat as it outlines the retro shape. It’s pretty elegant.

  • You can use the binding on the cover’s outer seams to protect the seams with double stitches. They provide extra strength to the product, enhancing its cosmetics.
  • Some waterproof patio table covers, although having the extra shaping feature, are not standard. You need to customize it to your requirements or existing lawn/patio.
  • You can find of range of quality rattan lawn furniture covers online. They have special designs to help bolster water drainage. Extra shaping remains consistent in every product in this category.
  • There are armchair covers that are fully waterproof. They provide weather protection throughout the year. Aesthetically, they are extremely pleasing.

Depending on the length and breadth of your patio, you can style your sofa, table, and armchair in a rectangular shape. Shaping does matter a lot in this regard. You can place a bucket on the seat or top deck to help in the draining of water.

A footnote

It’s wise to invest in protective covers for lawn furniture and accessories. The idea is to prevent and not only withstand damage from the elements and sun. Make sure you’re purchasing a cover that you design specifically for the outdoors. The material must be weather-resistant and durable.

  • Use them only on fully dry furniture pieces to avoid moisture trapping. Don’t place objects atop the covers as it can cause mildew or/and mold.
  • Outdoor storage is a crucial aspect in this regard. You can stow away smaller items like fabric cushions or outdoor pillows when they are not in use.
  • You can use outdoor storage chests as they are wonderful multipurpose solution to protect your accessories and keep them safe.
  • The main materials are teak, outdoor wicker, and polymer. All are incredibly durable and weather-resistant.

You can use the double-duty pieces to make extra table or additional seating arrangements. The choice is yours.


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