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Despite its extensive use worldwide happen only during the pandemic, it has been revolutionizing the health care system for several years. People are increasingly availing the benefits of online doctor chat and teleconsultation to get quality advice and treatments.

Telemedicine has proven extremely beneficial for people living in remote areas who do not have access to such services. Elders at home or people living with chronic diseases who find it difficult to frequently visit their doctors but need their advice can also easily connect with them.

It has also been a boon for health care providers. With the help of telemedicine, they can attend to more patients every day and provide follow-ups efficiently. Here are some pointers that highlight the role of transforming the medical system towards a fast-paced and uncertain world.

  • Better health care for women

Experts have appreciated the way telemedicine has facilitated caregiving to women. It has significantly slashed down the occurrence of infancy and maternal mortality and morbidities.

Facilities like birth control advice, prescription re-filling, follow-ups, post-operative care, reviewing test (ultrasound) results, etc. have eliminated delays in the treatment. Such timely advice reduces the chances of complications in the pregnancy and allows professionals to delegate better care to the carrying mother.

  • Medical assistant for children

Children are often among the most prone people to diseases and injuries. Especially with the changing season or at the beginning of winters, children fall prey to flu, minor cough and cold, sore throat, diarrhea, and many other illnesses.

It is not always possible for parents to make frequent runs to the hospital and wait for hours to get treatment for their kids. Telemedicine is a great alternative to handle such non-emergency situations and provide children with quality health care.

  • Round the clock care for elderly people

Seniors in the house are mostly suffering from multiple illnesses, some general and others related to aging. Heart diseases, liver issues, extremely weak muscles, joint pain, etc. are some common problems they face.

It might be difficult and sometimes painful for them to step out and visit their doctors frequently. Telemedicine facilitates monitoring and care for such elderly patients from the comfort of their homes.

  • Better management of comorbidities

Handling comorbidities can be tricky sometimes. For instance, doctors treating diabetes have to regular anti-diabetes medicines and insulin volumes by monitoring patients’ conditions regularly. Patients can test their blood sugar levels easily using self-monitoring devices and discuss these values with their doctors remotely. They can get assistance to manage their issues well from anywhere, even while traveling.

  • Reduced risk and workload at hospitals

Blame it on sedentary lifestyle or extreme climatic changes, people are falling sick more than ever. Especially during the rainy and winter season that welcomes the transmission of infections.

When people visit hospitals, they are surrounded by patients and are prone to catch other infectious diseases. Also, it significantly increases the load on hospital staff. Telemedicine can keep you safe and allow health care providers to efficiently manage their workload.

  • Handling crises like pandemics

The recent COVID-19 pandemic is an ideal example of how telemedicine can be a boon for both the medical system and people in general. Thanks to remote medical care services, people could get assistance without exposing themselves to the deadly virus.

When hospitals were overwhelmed with a flood of patients, many with minor and manageable symptoms could get a consultation at home. Telemedicine has proven to be the biggest weapon to fight the pandemic.


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