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Each one of us continues to get older as each moment passes. One day we will be elderly and hope that someone is going to take care of us. For some, that means staying with family members but that is not possible for everyone. For many, they are sent into nursing homes because they need around the clock care that is not possible by family. When in a nursing home the last thing you think about is that some form of nursing home abuse could happen. But this happens with neglect, emotional and physical abuse, and financial abuse. If this happens, this Loganville, GA injury lawyer can help. There are many that can be the cause of this abuse but below are the most common ones.

Staff Members

Those that are in the rooms day in and day out to help take care of the elderly are likely abusers. They spend a lot of time with the residents. Some of the residents can be difficult leading to frustration. No matter the level of frustration it should not be taken out of the residents. It is also a possibility that a staff member has not been trained properly or is spread thin due to staffing shortages. Regardless of any situation, there is never a good reason for a staff member to abuse a resident.

Nursing Home Administrators

There are employees within the facility that don’t work directly with the residents because they are in charge of the overhead decisions. Even though they may not be in direct contact with those within the facility they can make decisions that would be considered abuse. Such as trying to save costs by not having a full staff or making necessary safety changes to the facility. There are also chances of emotional and physical abuse to residents even though they typically arent in contact with the residents on a day to day basis.

Fellow Residents

The other residents within the facility are also candidates for abusing your loved one. They may be frustrated with their situation and take it out on those around them. Regardless of the other resident’s feelings, it is not okay to put those feelings onto another person. It is part of the nursing home to separate residents that do not have a positive relationship and fester negative behavior.

Family Members

An unlikely abuser could be a family member. It may be the person that set them up in the nursing home or another member of the family. They can be an abuser of any kind but one of the more common situations is when they are looking to get money from their loved ones. This could be through asking and manipulating their elder or through stealing. Regardless of the scenario, it is not right.

Watch Your Loved Ones Closely

When you put someone else in charge of your loved one it is important that you check in often and take note of the small things. You are the one that will be able to notice and stop the abuse if it is happening.


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