Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) represent some of the most influential and credible brands and thought leaders in their respective industries. For example, a KOL may be an inventor, innovator, business leader, tech guru, or an author. These individuals are famous for their expertise and it is through this information that consumer-driven brands discover and develop new products, expand their reach, and make real-time changes in their market strategies.

Since KOLs are typically not represented on brand’s own sales or marketing teams, they typically need to be sourced and tapped for insights by other companies or professional organizations, which are responsible for analyzing consumer behavior.

Expertise and Influence

Key Opinion Leaders are individuals in a given market who are considered experts and who influence others. They are widely considered to have great influence and are said to have a strong indicator for a company’s success. A KOL is used to determine potential, explain products, and provide insight to consumers. They can provide suggestions on product and brand placement. This allows a company to tap into the opinions of individuals with experience and specialized knowledge and gain the advantage in the marketplace.

How Do KOLs Know What They Know?

A KOL identifies what they know by observing their customers, observing their competitors, or doing a lot of close personal observation and interaction with customers. NetBase Quid works by connecting a leader with an influencer. A marketer identifies a possible influencer by engaging a NetBase Quid respondent to rate a business on a scale of one to five.

KOLs from NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid then searches its data for people who are the most engaged by a brand or company. With this, a brand can create relevant campaigns, enhance their product lines, and increase their consumer engagement. NetBase Quid also measures the opinion of the organization to gain clarity on the consumer perspective of a brand and its products. As a trusted business tool, NetBase Quid has become one of the leading consumer opinion research companies in the world.

Why Key Opinion Leader?

KOL are the connectors to the consumers and the market. A Key Opinion Leader acts as a mouthpiece or advisor, giving insights that influence and guide a consumer’s buying decision. Thus, being an effective KOL to connect with consumers and the market is the key to successful advertising or marketing strategy.

How does KOLs to Connect With?

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are an important group of influencers whose insights, opinions, and beliefs are shared with the public. Their audiences are typically loyal and loyal. All too often, KOLs are “off the grid,” not as important to businesses as they should be. The NetBase Quid platform uses real-time analytics and a deep understanding of the digital landscape to bring KOLs to life in a fun and interactive way. These self-described ‘knowledge rocks’ serve as a connective tissue connecting audiences with credible, influential, and credible brands.

Marketers and Agencies

With NetBase Quid, marketers and agencies can analyze consumer behavior and sentiment and engage these influencers to foster brand advocacy and acquisition. The platform’s marketers understand how important it is to drive value for our clients and deliver compelling experiences for our customers. By combining our data assets with our ability to build integrated engagements, we can add value to any organization. NetBase Quid offers the latest in high-impact technology to target, engage, and measure an influencer.

Uncovering Market Trends

Key Opinion Leaders, also known as KOLs, are widely viewed as a critical component to uncovering market trends, understanding consumer trends, and improving the effectiveness of marketing. They also help marketers connect with their target audiences, improving credibility with key audiences, and understanding customer demand.

Influencing Purchasing Decisions

KOLs play an essential role in influencing purchasing decisions, and NetBase Quid provides a new way to analyze, connect, and create brand impressions. NetBase Quid enables the audience, KOLs, and content creators to work collaboratively, creating immersive content experiences that drive loyalty, advocacy, and new market opportunities.


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