A call center is a vital touchpoint for any business, through which customers can get in touch to resolve their queries. For customer satisfaction, call centers need to be up-to-date. With digitalization, modern contact centers have become new types of customer touchpoints to contact the brands and get your queries resolved. Using the right technology, the call centers can become more powerful, which will provide a consistent experience to the customers. The digital call centers are bridging the traditional customer care experience. With the combined use of AI and cloud call center software, cloud call centers are getting developed.

Intelligent call routing, unified agent, and intelligent self-service are some features that make the customer service seamless to the customers. Knowlarity helps you achieve the modern call centers to handle the demanding customers, using cloud telephony, AI, and video communication platforms. They help the clients to convert the traditional centers to profit centers using strategic and operational capabilities. Let us know how you can modernize the contact centers for changing customer needs.

Modernizing Contact Centers

Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that help businesses to modernize contact centers for the customers of today:

  1. AI-powered Chatbots

AI-based chatbots are considered to be modern day contact centers. Chatbots get trained on the technology Natural Language Processing (NLP) that helps to understand the intent behind the customer query and respond with the best possible response. However, human executives are required to resolve complex queries, but with chatbots, the human error gets reduced, and cost-efficiency increases. The use of chatbots in the contact centers does the smart allocation, thus enhances the labor scalability. Moreover, these digital agents are reliable, efficient, and intelligent.

  1. Omnichannel

Multiple touchpoint platforms facilitate customer interaction. Omnichannel strategies help to unify the data taken from the various touchpoints. Omnichannel platforms also support and empower agents. Such an omnichannel strategy stores all the customer information so there is no need for customers to repeat the problem all over again. The complete customer journey gets saved that the customer executive can refer to any time leading to seamless interaction with the customer. All these features of an omnichannel strategy help the growth of the company.

  1. Deep Shrinkage Analyzer

Shrinkage is a specific difference between the accurate hours of the work that agents have done and the expected working hours of the agents. Here, external shrinkage denotes sick leaves, late arrivals to the offices, etc., and internal shrinkage refers to meetings, onboarding, system shortcomings, breaks, and other miscellaneous tasks. The shrinkage analyzer helps to analyze the agent’s availability, and the deep shrinkage analyzer provides more accurate shrinkage data based on the last 30 days. Overall, it helps in better planning for the workforce, thus improving productivity.

  1. Video Calls

Video calling to solve customer queries is another beneficial feature of the modernized contact center. With this, customers can see the video demonstration and get their queries resolved with ease. Video calling makes the conversation transparent to the customers, showing them how honestly the customer executives are trying to resolve customers’ concerns.

  1. Data Privacy and Unification

Security being an essential aspect of every sector has become a new focus area for the call centers too in this new world dependent upon disparate technology and increased data. The excessive storage, redundant data, fragmented reporting are the results of the increased complexity and risk associated with the use of CRM and modern contact centers due to the increased complexity of data, risk linked to data management. Once the organizations are able to remove the data redundancy, the efforts for data security also get reduced. Consequently, it can help to maintain the elasticity and agility to operate across borders.


Digital technology is taking over every aspect of life. As the products get incorporated into digital technology, the more complex the products become. Hence, customers using these products need more support from the companies offering these products. The modernized contact centers, thus become the need of the hour to handle the ever-increasing queries and demands of the customers.

If you are also looking to transform your traditional call centers to cloud call centers, Knowlarity is the answer to your problem. With Knowlarity, you can streamline your business communication process with the help of CRM integration, secure, reliable, and customized multi-channel platform.



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