Provide your skin the most exemplary treatment with this 100% organic, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, and nourishing natural oils that will make your skin fresh, soft, and glowy within the instant usage of manuka honey umf.

  • Instantly hydrates and softens the skin
  • It reduces the sign of pigmentation effectively
  • It helps to minimize the open pores
  • It assists to fade away acne scars
  • It whitens the skin with a glow
  • It exfoliates the dead layer of skin
  • Removes the tanned layer of skin
  • Protection from the hars-mful UV rays
  • Helps to soothe the sunburn
  • Lowering the problem of face itching
  • Minimize the excess oil production over the skin


Peppermint Oil:

It naturally helps to cleanse the skin with antiseptic properties. It provides a cooling effect when applied to the painful-acne breakouts.

Rose Flowers And Petals:

The natural and organic vitamins and minerals present in the rose petals helps to regenerate the skin through hydration. It soothes sunburn with anti-cellulite properties.


It treats highly chronic skin diseases. It also slows down the inflammation and aging process successfully.


Being used in herbal products, it makes the skin tight by plumping the surface of the skin. It helps to protect the collagen and elasticity on regular use.

More Herbs:

Effective herbs extracted from spontaneous plants are highly rich in vitamins and nutrients. In addition to it, it helps to calm the irritation on the sensitive parts. It also provides anti-fungal properties to diminish the presence of acne and pimples.

Rose Oil:

The presence of fatty acids in the rose oil helps to maintain the health of the skin. It reduces the risk of pigmentation and sunburn. its anti-oxidants penetrate deep down the layers of skin to generate the newest cells to glow and shine.

Castor Oil:

This amazing oil provides the skin with antioxidants to fight against the toxins of the skin. It provides ulta-hydration to skin that ultimately assists to glow and shine. It also helps to restore moisture and reduce acne scars.

Rosehip Seed Oil:

This greatest oil helps to reduce the presence of hyperpigmentation.  It also has hydrating properties that help to brighten up the skin with luminosity.

Shea Butter:

People having the driest skin use this butter infused with fatty acids and excess vitamins that completely hydrate and moisturize the skin with a luminous glow. Due to its healing properties, it can easily tone and soothe the skin.

Rose Kaolin Clay:

It is an excellent result-provided facial cleanser that cleanses away any kind of impurities from the face and gently removing the dull dead skin which leaves the skin feel soft and bright.

Recommended Use:

The unrefined and intuitive herbal bath salt is beneficial when used two times a day to avoid sebum production. After cleanser, you can use it all over your body or even soak your body with this product in the bathtub to have a valuable and instant effect. Leave it for about 30 minutes for a better outcome.





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