Are you wondering what happened to LimeTorrents? An excellent torrent site with an expansive collection of music, movies, TV shows, and games may not be accessible in all locations. The parent company of LimeTorrent, BitTorrent Inc., has announced publicly to discontinue its operations in 2021 in specific locations.

How is it going to affect its users? What will be happening to all the data?

If you’ve been a regular at Lime Torrent, you may also be looking for other ways to download albums and movies before they are out of your reach. Limetorrents has been a go-to website for many users who want easy and instant access to the latest movies or episodes of their favourite shows. Fortunately, there are a few alternate waysto fill the plunging gap left by Lime Torrent in its wake. Keep reading it find out!

What is LimeTorrents?

Before we move ahead, let’s understand what we mean by LimeTorrent. With the website, you can access all types of content, such as TV shows, movies, anime, music, and even documentaries.

In order to download the files, you will need a torrent client because you cannot have direct access to the files. You can use LimeTorrents or any other mirror website to do so. What users generally love about LimeTorrent is the fact that the content is of high quality and comes in a wide variety.

Another factor that sets LimeTorrents apart is its useful features, like the Verified Torrents and an active comments section that helps users interact while on the site to avoid getting scammed. Because many torrent sites are infected with malware, these features allow users an added layer of protection against damage to their computers.

Downloading Movies with LimeTorrent

As a torrent website, LimeTorrents is a storehouse of TV shows, movies, and music. The website has been there since 2003 but was overlooked due to the popularity of other websites, such as The Pirate Bay. But nobody likes to deal with malware and popups, and LimeTorrents seemed like the perfect way out.

If you wish to download movies, Lime Torrent is the best torrent website you’ll find on the internet. But how can you download using the site? Let’s take a look at the step-by-step method of downloading movies using LimeTorrents without calling attention to trouble.

  • You can start by installing the Bit Torrent client on your computer.
  • When you have your preferred torrent client, download it.
  • Visit the Lime Torrents
  • Look for the exact file that you want to download and click on it. At this point, you are required to search torrent URL for feeding it in your chosen Bit Torrent client.
  • As you are already on LimeTorrents, you can right-click to copy the URL.
  • You can run the BitTorrent client. When it comes, you will come across an option that requests to add the hyperlink to receive content. You should click on it. Paste the URL that you have copied from the previous step and press ‘OK.’

You should wait for a while till the file gets completely downloaded on your computer. When it is done, you can open it.

Is It Safe to Use Lime Torrents?

It is reasonably safe to access Lime Torrents. You might get a warning from Google about proceeding with your action of using LimeTorrents, but that’s because LimeTorrents is somewhat slow when it comes to renewing privacy and security certificates.

Google typically flags sites that don’t have updated certificates. However, that does not mean that the website is infectious.

Keeping that aside, you should always have an added layer of security while using the website to keep things smooth and safe, particularly to prepare for times when things may go wrong. Your antivirus application needs to be updated while downloading from LimeTorrents because you don’t know what you may end up downloading unknowingly or knowingly. When you have antivirus software, it can help you clean it off and keep your device safe.

Is LimeTorrents Not Working?

If you want to know whether the LimeTorrent site is working for you, you can visit It will allow you to check whether it is down or everybody else or just for you.

If the website shows that Lim Torrent has been marked “Working” or “Up,” it means that either your internet service provider or government has blocked it in your area. If you still want to use LimeTorrent, you can do so by getting a VPN.

How Can You Unblock LimeTorrents?

If you wish to unblock LimeTorrents, you will need a VPN or proxy service. Proxy services aren’t as reliable or secure as VPN services for unblocking Lime Torrents. Hence, we would recommend you to get a VPN instead of a proxy. Proxy services can indeed help unblock Lime Torrent for you, but it will come at the cost of leaving your computer vulnerable to all kinds of malicious software that may come attached to your downloaded torrent files.

When Lime Torrents is blocked, use a good VPN service to set your location in a country that offers complete access to the website. Some of the VPN services you can trust with torrenting are mentioned below –

  • NordVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • IPVanish VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • Private Internet Access VPN

You can use any of these VPN services to access Lime Torrents or other mirror and proxy websites that are blocked in your area.

In case you are unable to unblock LimeTorrents using a VPN, you should continue changing the service until you have found one that works for you. If you get a subscription to a reputable VPN service provider, it won’t take much hassle to unblock LimeTorrent or other proxy and mirror sites.

What Are LimeTorrents Mirror Websites?

When you cannot use the official Lime Torrent site, you could use a proxy or mirror website for downloading the necessary files. These sites typically look identical to the official website of LimeTorrents except for the URL.

If you want to know the URL of a few mirror websites, here’s a list specially curated for you.


What Are the Alternatives of LimeTorrents?

If a proxy or mirror website isn’t working for you, you should consider using one of the Lime Torrents alternatives. If you’re curious to find out what they are, we have prepared a list for you. Check it out!

1. The Pirate Bay –

One of the reasons users love The Pirate Bay is because it never shuts down permanently. Any time someone could take it down, it tends to come back – strong and resilient. Due to this reason, it has an excellent rating on the internet.

However, this website may not be enough for those who wish to download easily and quickly. But the site makes up for it by offering a variety of content for all kinds of users.

2. RARBG –

It is yet another good torrent website that hasn’t gotten enough recognition like LimeTorrents or The Pirate Bay. But you shouldn’t go by reputation because this site will not disappoint you. The quality of torrents is quite high on this site, and the up loaders are pretty regular with the new and latest content.

However, it is important to note that RARGB is heavy with regard to content types, such as TV shows, movies, and documentaries. It may not be ideal if you wish to download games or anime. You can find them in general, but not something specific.

When it comes to reliability, there are a few sites that are better than RARGB. If you take extra precautionary steps, don’t download illegal material, and implement an ad-blocker, you will be fine.

3. 1337x –

Though 1337x is among the lesser-known websites, it is quite a good one. The content available on the site is relatively dependent on the type of users, which is why you will be able to find a variety of content using this site. From documentaries, TV shows, movies to sports matches, you can find different genres and types of content on 1337x.

When you look at the interface, it is simple and standardized. What makes it different from other sites is its Verified Torrent feature, which is pretty useful to users who want to keep their coputers free from malware at all costs.

One of the best things about this site is that it has reliable up loaders who offer the best content on a daily or weekly basis. 1337x also has a trending tag that lists popular files that have been uploaded recently.

Closing Thoughts

LimeTorrent is a convenient and popular way to access files that you may not get anywhere else, but everybody may not have direct and easy access to it. Your internet provider and location have an essential role to play in accessing the site. Fortunately, you can rely on a VPN service to access it. If that doesn’t fair well for you, mirror and proxy sites are also there to help you. And if nothing seems to go in your favour, the alternative sites will surely not disappoint in getting your hands on the latest content you wish to download.


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