Teaching kids to swim can be life-saving experience that will serve them throughout their lives. Swimming also serves as an excellent means of keeping fit while building social skills.

Children should avoid attending lessons when experiencing symptoms such as diarrhoea, high temperatures or unusual rashes; in such instances they should always be accompanied by an adult caregiver such as their parent.

Learn to Swim

Children thrive best when learning in smaller groups that offer them more of the attention and care they require to feel safe, warm, and controlled environments that promote faster learning rates.

Swimming classes clyde promote both self-esteem and independence among children by building on achievement. Kids are encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate their successes, which helps create a positive attitude toward other endeavours in life. Swimming requires dedication and discipline that teaches kids to focus their energy towards achieving their goals.

Children who swim are known to develop superior visual-motor skills that can benefit them in the classroom. A study by Griffith University discovered that 3- to 5-year-old swimmers were 11 months ahead of non-swimmer peers in verbal development and two months ahead in math literacy. Swimming also helps teach children important life skills like listening and following instructions that will come in handy both at school and other activities they partake in.

Baby Swimming

Start your baby swimming journey off right with fun and friendly supervised sessions! Start off in a bathtub, playing games and splashing, before moving on to an actual pool for adult-child supervision sessions.

These programs can help your infant become comfortable in the water and ensure they feel secure, while teaching you how to support and play with them in a controlled and safe setting. Plus, it offers you a great bonding opportunity with their parent(s).

Our Learn to Swim program provides year-round lessons. We teach 49 weeks a year so your baby swimming lessons clyde can move through levels faster. This gives you peace of mind knowing your child is receiving quality education; plus holiday programs during school breaks.

Kids Swimming

Children have an innate fascination with water, yet must also learn to stay safe around it. Learning to swim is an invaluable lifeskill that will protect them throughout their lives; those taking swimming lessons often develop an affection for this sport that lasts a lifetime.

Research from Griffith University has demonstrated that 3- to 5-year-olds who regularly take swimming lessons advance 11 months in their verbal development, six months ahead with math literacy skills, and two months ahead in exceptional motor abilities. This cognitive benefit from swimming easily transitions into school-based learning environments.

Children who stop swimming lessons over winter struggle to catch up and regain previous abilities, so make sure they continue all year round! Swimming lessons are also an excellent way for your child to stay active while burning off energy, which can improve sleep patterns. Exercising also releases feel-good chemicals into the system that provide benefits to the mind, body and soul.

Adult Swimming

Adult swimming lessons at Brunswick Baths and Coburg Leisure Centre provide an ideal way to learn or refine swimming skills. Our instructors use fun methods to build your confidence in the water while developing skills within a group setting. With our progression structure, learning continues as you move up through each level – ideal for adults looking to learn or refine swimming skills! Classes are currently being held.

Swimming lessons Clyde for adults can also provide an effective means of relieving stress and anxiety in a safe, relaxing environment. Being submerged can have psychologically uplifting properties and may help those living with conditions like asthma, arthritis and multiple sclerosis feel some respite from physical and psychological discomfort caused by these conditions.

Learning to swim has many emotional and physical advantages; swimming can also provide great cardiovascular fitness benefits to all ages and fitness levels alike. Simply adding swimming to your daily routine can burn nearly 100 more calories than jogging on land during just half an hour!


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