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Larry Birkhead net worth has been a topic of fascination ever since he came into the public eye in the 2000s. As the former boyfriend and baby daddy of Anna Nicole Smith, Birkhead was suddenly thrust into the spotlight after a contentious paternity battle over Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn. While Birkhead and Smith’s tumultuous relationship put Birkhead’s net worth under scrutiny, the Kentucky native has managed to build an impressive career and personal fortune in his own right.

Early Career and Meeting Anna Nicole Smith

Long before the Larry Birkhead net worth estimates started rolling in, Birkhead was working hard to establish himself in the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Birkhead moved to California in the late 1990s to pursue a career in photography.

He quickly found success photographing celebrities for various entertainment magazines and tabloids. His big break came in 2003, when he was hired to photograph Anna Nicole Smith for a cover story in American Photo magazine. This launched a whirlwind on-again, off-again relationship between the two, with Birkhead dating the former Playboy model up until her death in 2007. During their time together, Birkhead’s net worth remained modest compared to the riches of his famous girlfriend. But that was soon to change.

Paternity Battle and Instant Wealth

Larry Birkhead’s net worth exploded overnight when he emerged victorious from a highly publicized paternity battle over Smith’s infant daughter, Dannielynn. Following Smith’s untimely death from a drug overdose, Birkhead, along with Smith’s lawyer and former boyfriend Howard K. Stern, filed competing lawsuits seeking custody of Dannielynn. After months of legal wrangling and DNA testing, Birkhead was confirmed to be Dannielynn’s biological father in April 2007.

As Smith’s sole heir, Dannielynn stood to inherit her mother’s entire estate, estimated to be worth over $700 million at the time. As Dannielynn’s legal guardian, Birkhead quickly gained control over his daughter’s vast inheritance, catapulting Larry Birkhead’s net worth into the millions.

Shrewd financial and legal moves

In the years since the epic paternity case, Larry Birkhead’s net worth has continued to grow thanks to his shrewd financial and legal maneuvers regarding Dannielynn’s inheritance. He reportedly invested a large portion of Dannielynn’s money in trusts, annuities, bonds, and real estate to ensure her financial security.

As her guardian, Birkhead handles all legal matters related to Dannielynn’s inheritance and heavily scrutinizes anyone seeking to profit off her late mother’s estate. His protectiveness has helped prevent leakage from the inheritance, allowing the principal to continue growing over time. These wise financial decisions have added tremendously to Larry Birkhead’s net worth over the years.

A Potential Media Empire in the Works

In the future, there are signs that Larry Birkhead may attempt to use his celebrity to create a much larger media empire. In 2021, he sought to register a trademark for the phrase “Get Your Popcorn Ready” with the intent of launching a podcast under that name.

Other entrepreneurial ventures by Birkhead are the trademark of an entertainment production company called “Birkhead Entertainment.” It could be an indication that Birkhead aims at establishing his name in the media field into a complete pop culture brand with entertainment news, celebrity gossips, reality TV etc. If done rightly, a possible media empire can be a great investment for Larry.

Lucrative Media Career

Leveraging his fame, Larry Birkhead has established a lucrative career in journalism where he specializes on reporting about celebrities’ lifestyle and entertainment shows. He is a regular in shows like Access Hollywood, Inside Edition and Hollywood TMZ via his privileged information.

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Birkhead has also had his own shows, such as E!: Celebrity Home Raiders and The secret lives of women on the network.And he published a New York Times-bestselling book in 2009 entitled “Larry Birkhead’s True Story: It is, indeed, a ‘My Story of Life Love and Survival.’ The list of net-worth assets for Birkhead is a residue of long fame as a TV commentator and writer.

Real Estate and Kentucky Lifestyle Brand

One of the biggest portions of Larry Birkhead’s net worth was spent on gathering a huge collection of real estate houses in different parts of United States. Among his various properties, the main home is a large ranch located in Louisville, Kentucky that is estimated to be worth about $2.5 million. He also has a house in LA which is worth around 1.8 million dollars. He also bought the former home of Anna Nicole Smith in The Bahamas for $ 1.8 million after her death.

Birkhead has leveraged his Kentucky roots and celebrity status to build a lifestyle brand called Kentucky Hills. The brand encompasses his real estate holdings, philanthropic efforts, Thoroughbred horse assets, and various business ventures tied to his home state. Kentucky Hills continues to be an expanding enterprise, further boosting Larry Birkhead’s net worth.

Investments and endorsements

Aside from his daughter’s inheritance, Larry Birkhead has grown his own net worth through smart investments and lucrative endorsement deals. He has invested in startup companies, stocks, and real estate ventures like apartment complexes.

Birkhead has also earned income from brand sponsorships and partnerships over the years. He reportedly received a high six-figure payment from a major alcohol company to be their celebrity spokesperson for a year-long campaign. Carefully chosen investments and endorsements have provided steady assets flowing into Larry Birkhead’s bank accounts.

Generous Philanthropy

Larry Birkhead has donated a significant amount of time, money, and resources to various charitable causes he is passionate about. He serves on the board of directors for the Anna Nicole and Daniel Wayne Smith Foundation, which provides underprivileged Kentucky kids with school supplies and Christmas gifts each year.

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Birkhead also supports foundations dedicated to Thoroughbred retirement and adoption. And he is an avid fundraiser for local Kentucky nonprofits supporting children’s healthcare and wellbeing. Birkhead’s generous philanthropy has had a huge positive impact on his local community in Kentucky.

Dannielynn’s Extravagant Lifestyle

Dannielynn’s father, Birkhead, is at liberty to spend the amount of her inheritance in giving his daughter an unbelievably opulent lifestyle. He lavishes on her every dime for her education, enrichment activities, vacation, wardrobe, toys, and anything else he is likely to think she needs. Dannielynn studies in a private school for the children of elite families located in Kentucky, and she has visited the places such as Hawaii, Bahamas and Europe.

To celebrate her birthday in 2013, Birkhead used an outrageous amount of money to throw his daughter a barnyard themed party at their Kentucky ranch. The party featured lavish jewels as presents, A-listed celebrities, and live music. Though it is expensive, Birkhead’s daughter Dannielynn lives the life for which she was brought into this world, and her lavish lifestyle reflects Birkhead’s top priority of giving his daughter the best of everything.


Since becoming the father of Anna Nicole smith’s daughter, Dannielynn after it had been confirmed and Larry Birkhead’s net worth enabled him to have a lot of money. From winning the paternity suit to innovative financial management and media career revenue streams, Birkhead’s assets have multiplied significantly over the past 15+ years. Although allowing his daughter to live a lavish, jet-setting life, he has managed to enjoy a comfortable existence too between his ranch in Kentucky, the Bahamas vacation and his California residence.

Evidence of Larry Birkhead’s net worth is indeed representative of the fact that if a person has the right mix offortune and smart business strategy, an average American can transform life altering events into generational wealth.


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