Anime content is widely loved all around the world only because of Kissanime. For a long time, people used to think anime is only for kids, but now they realize that the quality of content is so amazing that people of any age group can enjoy watching anime content. When we talk about anime content, you need to understand that there are thousands of shows with different storylines and interesting characters. The list is simply never-ending.

But do you wonder why the world started enjoying anime, only recently, while it is being produced for several decades already? Yes, anime has been there for several years now, but the majority of the world was never able to watch it until recently. Want to know why? Let’s take a brief look at the modern history of anime.

History of Anime

The birthplace of anime is Japan. Animation started quite early in Japan, and some of its earliest short films were produced back in 1917. However, anime met its peak during the 1990s when animators in Japan started using computer animation methods to produce top-class anime series. Hundreds of amazing anime series were quite popular in Japan, but the rest of the world never got to watch them until recently. Some of the main issues were the translation and distribution of the content. The world is so disconnected when it comes to sharing each other’s values. And so, a lot of things happening in the Asian part of the world, are rarely recognized in other parts. But anime was big, and it was somehow bound to break the regional boundaries. That “somehow’ came in the form of Kissanime. And with the arrival of Kissanime, things changed completely.

What Is Kissanime? 

Kissanime was a website that streamed lots of anime series and movies for people. It was launched back in 2012, as a sister site KissManga, which was a manga viewing website launched in 2011. With the arrival of Kissanime, the world started to gain easy access to anime content. There were hundreds of streams on Kissanime, and the best part was that most of the content was English dubbed or at least had subtitles in English.

Kissanime rose to popularity very quickly. As more and more people became fans of anime, Kissanime soon became one of the biggest streaming anime websites in the world. At a time there was an audience of millions on Kissanime. However, the sudden rise was a short-lived one.

Why Kissanime Got Pulled Down?

With the sudden rise of Kissanime, it also gained a lot of mainstream focus, and very soon, the website was pulled down from the world wide web. The problem? Well, almost all of the content played on Kissanime was pirated. Kissanime was constantly criticized for copyright infringement and for advertising that contained malware. There were lots of allegations about copyright infringement, and the producers of the shows demanded the website be removed. In 2017 Kissanime was targeted by a US-based company Funimation for its infringing content. In 2018 the website was blocked in Australia. Finally, due to constant pressure, the website was unfortunately shut down on 14 August 2020.

The Aftermath

Fans simply did not like the move of countries banning Kissanime. Even though the content was infringing, the website was actually safe for the viewers, and everyday millions of viewers logged in to watch their favorite anime shows. Despite the offense of piracy, Kissanime actually opened up the market of anime series and movies and made it global. In many countries, Kissanime was the only option for the fans to watch their favorite anime shows, and they were suddenly left with no option at all. The fans were quite furious, and they reacted by creating funny memes about the incident. However, an offense is an offense, and Kissanime was shut down.

So, No More Anime?

Well, Kissanime is no more, and we understand that it’sheart-breaking if you are a fan of anime. The website was shut down suddenly in 2020, leaving no other options for the viewers. However, we won’t let you suffer anymore. To make sure that you enjoy your anime shows, here are 10 Kissanime alternatives to watch out for.

  1. Ani Watcher: Ani watcher is one of the best Kissanime alternatives. You don’t need to register on the website. And you can find your favorite anime shows with subtitles and dubbings.
  2. 9Anime: 9Anime is almost identical to Kissanime, so if you have used Kissanime you’ll have no trouble using 9Anime. Registration is not required on 9Anime, and new content is constantly uploaded from time to time.
  3. Anime land: Anime Land brings you the latest series from the anime genre. You can easily find dubbed versions and enjoy your favorite shows in your language. The website is also quite user-friendly and safe.
  4. GoGo Anime: GoGo Anime is a rapidly growing website that regularly streams anime content. The site is totally safe and user-friendly, and you can easily access the list of popular anime shows online. English-dubbed content is also available for the English-speaking audience.
  5. Anime Lab: You will love Anime Lad if you have been a fan of Kissanime. The site is quite similar, and it offers hundreds of anime shows for free. You can watch your favorite shows directly without registering on the website.
  6. A-Z Interface: A-Z interface, as the name suggests, is an interface that hosts a-z anime shows. The website is completely safe, and you can watch your favorite shows in English without any registration. The interface is also quite user-friendly and fast.
  7. Anime TV: Anime Tv hosts hundreds of anime shows every day, and you can watch them online without any registration. Most of the content is either dubbed in English or they have English subtitles for your convenience. Anime TV is also a safe portal, so you need not worry about anything. All the popular shows are neatly listed for quick viewing.
  8. Anime Planet: Anime Planet is currently one of the best alternatives to Kissanime. You can find all the shows that you watched on Kissanime, and many new shows as well. The shows on Anime Planet are English-dubbed, so you’ll have no trouble watching them. You can just go to the website and directly watch your favorite shows without any registration.
  9. Kim Cartoon: Kim Cartoon is also quite similar to Kissanime, with loads of anime content to watch. The homepage is easy, fast, user-friendly. You can easily find lists of popular animes shows, and you can watch directly without registration. The site has English-dubbed and subbed content as well.
  10. Anime Pahe: Anime Pahe has a well-designed user-friendly homepage that clearly displays all the latest anime shows. The site is safe and transparent, and you won’t have to register to watch your favorite anime shows. You can also find dubbed versions, and you can watch directly with just one click.

Safety And Your Convenience

When Kissanime got shut down, users developed several clone sites to host anime content. However, not all are completely safe. For your convenience, we’ve listed 10 sites that are the safest for watching anime content. These sites do not require you to register and provide any sensitive information. So you are completely safe. Only the site developers are responsible for the content hosted on these sites, so the viewers are in no problem at all. These sites also host English dubbed content, and you can start watching your favorite show in just a few clicks.


So that’s our take on Kissanime alternatives available today. We understand how deeply you love your anime shows, and that’s why we have presented you with the best sites to watch anime content. All the sites are safe, fast, and user-friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? The latest shows are already available. Just go to these sites and enjoy your anime shows now.


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