Yes, the Cyprus Financial Services Authority and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority have approved and supervised Pacific Union. Negative balance security and separated customer funds are examples of compliance with the government’s rules. this Traders Union article proves that the pacific union authorized and regulated Cyprus securities.

Pacific Union is a well-known online brokerage with more than 200 tradeable instruments. Our trading review will go through the company’s regulations, account kinds, fees, and customer support alternatives, among other things. Find out whether you should open a Pacific Union live account immediately now.

Pacific Union is a broker based in the United States. We do not advise traders to deal with foreign brokers, including those located in the Maldives. The argument is that Seychelles makes starting a financial or investing firm simple, with a short list of needs, minimal expenditures, and, most importantly, no tight control.

As a consequence, offshore zones draw a slew of unscrupulous or shady brokerages looking to entice clients, take all their money, and vanish. Check to see if a new broker is properly regulated before you invest. You can look over our list of Regulated Brokers and pick one that’s best.

Pacific Union (PU) was founded in 2015 and provides online brokerage support to consumers in over 120 countries. Today, there are an estimated 12 million active trading accounts, with international services to meet the needs of its global customer base. what is social trade: following others’ copy trading strategies and earning more profit.

The company has 14 offices around the world and employs 200 people who serve customers 24 hours a day.

The broker uses the no model, which results in better pricing, fewer interruptions, and up with means depth. The Cyprus Financial services Authority and the Seychelles Capital Market Authority have both approved and approved PU.

Pacific Union offers the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms. Both are well-known platforms that can be downloaded for free on PC and desktop devices. Clients can trade directly through all major web browsers without having to install any software because the broker maintains the Web Trader interface. T

The platforms have the following characteristics:

Web Trader is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

There are three different sorts of charts.

There are nine different timeframes.

Trading with a single tap

Quotes in real-time

Online support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there are 30 technical

Data security that is dependable

The advanced market depth

Supports various forms of trade activities

Accounting systems for pooling and hedging

What is social trade: The social trading platforms that follow the principles of social media.


The amount of leverage available to the Pacific Union depends on the original commitment and the magnitude of the trade. 1:500 is the largest strain available. Because this rate is so high, we characteristics related risk management methods if you use it. The larger the deal size an investor can manage, the higher the leverage used. Below is a list of the several types of leverages that are accessible.

100 per cent margin is necessary, and there is a 1:1 financial ratio accessible.

A 10% margin is needed, with a leveraged ratio of 1:10 possible.

A 2% margin is required, with a 1:50 leverage ratio possible.

A 1% margin is required, with a leverage of 1:100. available leverage

Pacific Union provides a variety of trading platforms.

Pacific Union provides a well MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading systems. Technical indicators, configurable interfaces, and complex graphs and charts are all available on both systems. The pacific union benefits are clearly described in this Traders Union article.

What Is the Minimum Guaranteed Deposit to Open a Pacific Union Account?

A $50 or comparable foreign deposit is required to start a live brokerage account with Pacific Union. Minimum deposits may change based on the account funding method and are subject to change at the option of the owner and head office.

What Kinds of Customer Service Does Pacific Union Provide?

Pacific Union provides international customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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What Types of Accounts Does Pacific Union Provide?

Pacific Union has a variety of live account types available, all of which allow direct-to-market implementation. Standard, which is appropriate for new investors, and Prime, which has more multiple trading features and a larger minimum deposit barrier. A Cent account is also available from the broker.


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