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In this article one of the best and renowned digital marketing agency would enhance your knowledge and certain points that you must know about.

Content strategy

A content strategy is a strategy that guides content marketing and planning, defining the goals, target groups and content themes for content marketing around which content production and marketing are focused. The strategy also aims to model and identify the different stages of a customer’s purchase and information needs. Based on this, the content to be produced for the different areas and stages of the purchase can be defined to help the customer make a purchase decision.


A measure of social media channels that tells you about the reactions your content is causing. Commitment can be measured e.g., based on likes, comments, and shares that also affect the visibility of the updates. Information related to engagement can be found in the social media channels’ own statistics, and the Under-hood service, for example, reports on the engagement of Facebook and Instagram.

Page title / SEO title, meta title

In the context of search engine optimization, a title is to be defined for a website (= each page of a website) that seeks to meet the needs of the applicant and thus be ranked well in the search engine results. Check this page for SEO services they offer.

Social Selling

Social selling. This term is used for active online interaction and the use of social media channels as part of sales work. This emphasizes personal networking and discussion on social media channels. It doesn’t mean promoting your own sales through a call for bids, but through participation, expertise, and helpful conversation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing communications. Popular email marketing software includes MailChimp and Campaign Monitor and ActiveCampaign. Successful e-mail marketing does not mean spamming the purchase registers, but the best results from e-mail marketing are obtained when the customer register consists of people who have themselves subscribed to the newsletter and e-mail communications. In addition to sending a newsletter, many software programs also include functionality related to marketing automation, whereby emailing is based on user visits, website activity, customer information, and timely communication.

Tag & Trigger

Terms related to measuring and tracking marketing and Google Tag Managerrelated functionality: The tag contains tracking code or pixel information, and the trigger defines the event that the information passes to other systems: for example, Google Tag Manager can track the submission of a form and export it to Google Analytics or ad management systems, where the tag contains information about the event (e.g., submit a form = lead) and the trigger determines, for example, which page the action is on (e.g., the contact page). When the form on the Contact Us page is forwarded, information about the new lead will go to Google Analytics and the ad management system. Based on this, it is possible to assess e.g., the effectiveness of advertising.


Stories (also used in Stories) is a form of content that is used e.g. On Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn is also testing stories (situation 1.3.2020). The stories are 15-second content that disappears 24 hours after publication. Content published in stories can be images, videos, and the user can add labels, text, and AR filters (AR = Augmented Reality).


A youth-friendly mobile app for sharing short videos in the style of music videos.

Product catalogue

A list of products to add to your Facebook advertising tool or Google Ads advertising that includes eCommerce product information. Product information can be downloaded using the product catalogue or combined with e-commerce information in Facebook Business Manager. With the help of the product catalogue, it is possible to implement e.g. dynamic remarketing and Google Shopping advertising.

External link

An outbound link from a website, that is, a link to another site.

UTM monitoring parameter

Tracking parameter to add to ad campaign links (= tracking tag). This allows you to better interpret your campaign results, such as your channel, your campaign type and ad format, and the content used in your ad.

Yoast, a search engine optimization tool

Search Engine Optimization Tool (for WordPress). The tool defines a keyword for a web page (focus keyword, 1 keyword/phrase per page is recommended) and the text of the search result that appears in the search engine. The tool guides Search Engine Optimization in terms of aspects that affect visibility (links, naming images, mentioning the keyword in the text, title and description text, length of text and title appearing in the search engine, etc.).


Workflow is a term used in marketing automation for process or work progress. For example, Workflow can contain a series of different emails, but equally, Workflow, or automated work, can include automated workflows related to customer information, sales, and marketing that eliminate manual workflows.


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