Truck Decals

Premium-quality truck decals are designed to last for at least seven years. That’s because they’re made of vinyl, a highly durable and weather-resistant material. But, if vehicle owners don’t look after their decals, they may not last as long. Here’s the detailed guide on making decals look just as impressive as they were during the time of purchase –

Pre-Installation Maintenance 

Vehicle decal care and maintenance start long before you install these items on your trucks or cars. Make sure the surfaces on which you’re applying the decals are clean. Decals don’t stick on unclean surfaces. To avoid premature decal pealing, make sure there’s no dirt, spots, or bumps left behind on your vehicles’ surfaces.

Follow these pre-installation cleaning guidelines –

  • Rinse the surfaces of your vehicle softly and gently. Pay extra attention to the areas where your decals and graphics will be installed.
  • Remove all dirt, debris, and piles of dust that’ve accumulated your vehicles’ surfaces using soft sponges and non-abrasive detergents.
  • Hoses with nozzle spray attachments are ideal for cleaning specific areas of the car. Such devices will also help you clean your decals once they’re installed.

Make sure your cleaning agents do not have any alcohol or other harsh chemical ingredients. They may damage the vehicle’s surfaces and make the decal installation process more challenging.

How to Clean Decals on Trucks and Cars?

To clean a decal that’s already installed, you’ll need non-abrasive cleaning agents. Use standard hand washes – avoid chemical detergents. Follow these additional guidelines:

  • Use tools like squeegees or power washers to control the flow of water on the decals. Water flow that’s too strong can damage the decals or lift them off of the vehicles’ surfaces.
  • Use basic, homemade soap mixtures to clean your auto decals.
  • Always clean your auto decals gently; avoid rubbing the decals excessively as this can cause them to crack or peel.

How to Restore Damaged Decals?

Before we learn how to restore damaged auto decals, let’s assess the main factors that cause premature peeling –

  • Careless cleaning of car surfaces during the pre-installation process.
  • Overstretching the vinyl decals during installation.
  • The vehicle’s paint does not react well to the adhesives on the decals.
  • Chips, tears, or cracks on the decals due to long-term use. For example, vehicles on the highway are often hit by small stone chips. These chips may not damage the vehicle’s surfaces, but they do damage vinyl decals.

No matter how durable your vinyl decals are, these factors will impact their quality over time. The best way to restore an aging vinyl decal is to clean them using vinyl restoration products. Clean your dirty and peeling decals. Rinse and dry the decals. Re-clean with isopropyl alcohol to ensure an absolutely clean and dry decal surface.

Use vinyl restoring products. Apply them with cloths, brushes, or spray apparatuses. If needed, seek assistance from professional car cleaning experts. Many car cleaning companies are offering “touchless ” services in the post-pandemic world. Use their services to clean your decals and your cars as regularly as possible.


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