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No matter how much you become savvy and sensible in terms of money. There are many factors where you have to spend your high earned money to gain future benefits explosively. Those who work intentionally and carefully would save more money, and those who don’t value their time and efforts ended up wasting their life’s most significant investment.

Yes! Here I am referring to your house as your most significant investment, isn’t it?

Usually, for many Michigan families, their houses are their life’s most prominent investors, and I think one wants to be involved in a risk situation while selling their houses. So now you might be thinking about how we can save more and sell their property by adding on any MLS portal at low rates?

To resolve this problem, I would recommend you list your house on flat fee MLS listing Michigan. Choose that MLS website that covers all the areas and gives you maximum exposure to different MLS of Michigan, including Real comp MLS, Michigan Regional Information Center, LLC (SWMRIC) MLS, Saginaw MLS, Northern Great Lakes MLS, Water Wonderland MLS, and Greater Lansing MLS.

These are the central MLS of Michigan, where your listing will expose many potential buyers. The next question that comes to mind of those sellers who are listing their house for the first time is documenting how we can proceed with it if we are listing our house on the flat fee MLS portal.

Well, don’t worry for the reader’s convenience. I have set complete step-by-step points for you; you can perform a successful Flat fee MLS listing by following this.

run comps

first, you need to run comps through the price estimated software. It will analyze all the listing details of your area and compare them with it. In the end, it gives you the estimated cost of the house.

market analyzation

you have to work like a nosy neighbor who gathers all the knowledge about the area do the same thing check on comparable listings and set the price according to it.

set price

Next, set the price on behalf of your gathering and estimated results gathered from the software. You need to work carefully at this point.

prepare your house

prepare your house and make all necessary repairs that will give falls expression to the buyer. Declutter your home, repair the doors and windows, paint the walls, and fix the old ceiling. 

hire flat fee MLS agent

you can hire any flat fee MLS agent here from the company, or you may employ any other flat fee MLS agent whom you have to pay fewer commission fees.

Add listing details

now add all listing information, including photos, the seller’s contact information, prices, and a simple description of the property. 

Upload your listing on the MLS portal

after that, ask your agent to upload the listing on the main page and other MLS portals.

Negotiate with the buyers

you have to show confidence and negotiate until you get your desired rates. 


close the deal by paying all the expenses and signing the contract.

final words

the process seems quite simple and easy, but it will take time dont rush and choose your buyer wisely. 



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