If you are trying to find a job, you will definitely need a headshot that looks professional. Our goal is to help you in your job hunting process. In this blog post, we provide tips to help you in taking expert corporate headshots. Business portrait photography, or corporate headshots, is primarily used for LinkedIn profiles, business cards, and websites. Therefore, it is critical to make a good first impression and win over customers’ trust. However, the task of taking a professional headshot might be challenging. We have mentioned a few tips below that may be of some use to you.


It is always necessary to have some preparation before going for professional headshots. First of all, ensure you are rested well by having a good night’s sleep. Get enough sleep before the day so that you look fresh and energetic. Secondly, review your headshots from the past and choose a few which you really like. Share them with your photographers so that they can determine the most suitable angle for you.

Consistent with your brand image

Individuals have a unique brand image, which should match their headshot. For example, consider yourself as a company owner and you are strong, trustworthy and authoritative. How can you convey your brand image to your clients? You can do it by taking professional looking corporate headshots. You can achieve this by having good photo composition, by wearing a good suit, and posing for the picture with pleasant expressions, and ensuring the background is formal.


The backdrop in a photograph has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the subject and how others perceive them. Colours like while, black, and grey are always considered ideal for business headshots. A solid coloured background alone can attract the customer’s attention.


Lighting plays a very important role in headshot photography. Using light the right way can elevate your facial features to the next level. It can make you look reliable and self assured. Two types of light, viz, combine fill light, key light play a crucial role in headshot photography. While key light is the main source of light, fill light fills in the shadows created by the main light. Only by using both lights can one generate the best headshots. They can highlight your facial features by balancing and synchronising the lights.

Facial expressions

Professional headshots are meant to highlight a person’s area of expertise. The correct facial expressions can improve this. Senior executives in a company should have strong, powerful eyes to demonstrate their strong management abilities and leadership. LinkedIn job seekers should have a friendly smile on their faces and show that they are enthusiastic about everything by opening their mouths and looking friendly.


Right posture is one of the most important factors for a good headshot photograph. Maintaining proper posture can improve your photo composition and project a refined, composed appearance. Some common poses for business headshots include leaning in, looking over the shoulder, crossing arms, and standing straight.


Composition is all about the way your photo’s components are arranged as a whole. Your corporate headshots can look more sophisticated with the right composition. A photographer must ensure he always takes this into account. They should be aware of the way that points, lines, shapes, colours, textures, and spaces are coordinated.


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