How Can You Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Facebook Video Ads

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Video Ads are the present-day full-page newspaper advertisements printed on the front page. They grab the viewer’s attention. Hence, they are the best medium for brands to attain attention from the viewers.

Now, Facebook is one of the best platforms for video ads, owing to its popularity. So, you need to learn how to make your brand stand out on Facebook, by using an online video editor, various layouts, and many more.

In this article, we will teach how to do that. Read on to know more!

How Can Facebook Video Ads Help Brands?

Facebook was used for staying in touch with your friends and family. But now we find users using Facebook to watch videos. This trend helps marketers to sell their brand through video ads.

Facebook video ads get more clicks than normal ads and also give creative freedom for marketers. Apart from this, here are some reasons how Facebook video ads can help your brand:

Reason 1: Demography

Advertising on Facebook helps in targeting specific people of certain demographic profiles. So, the marketing team of your brand could come up with advertisements that are specific to your target audiences.

Reason 2: Attention-Grabbing

Video advertisements tell the story of your brand in an engaging format. This grabs the attention of the user and also helps in retaining the video in their memory.

Reason 3: Brand Awareness

Facebook has over 2.8 billion users and out of that 1.84 billion people use it on a daily basis. With that kind of audience, making your brand known to the world should be a cakewalk!

With Facebook video ads, not only can you reach a large audience but you can reach out to your target audience. Facebook’s strong algorithm assists brands in accomplishing this by allowing them to design goal-specific campaigns, one of which is brand awareness!

So, you should always strive to create excellent video ads, using an online video editor.

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Facebook Video Ads?

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Facebook Video Ads

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As we know, online marketing is evolving and so is social media. Facebook is always evolving and introducing new features. Hence, companies are making use of these features to get their brand out there in the market.

Now that you know about the benefits of Facebook video ads, we think it’s time that you step up your marketing game. Here are some pointers to help your brand stand out:

Tip 1: Quality Content

The quality of the video always comes first. It’s what makes your video stand out. Choose a clear message backed by eye-catching visuals that will catch the reader’s attention in the news feed.

Pro Tip: Use animations in your videos using an online video editor because they increase the quality of your videos.

Tip 2: Attention-Grabbing Content

Videos on Facebook are in autoplay.  So, you should make sure that your videos are the kind of ads that people don’t scroll past. It should be the kind of video people come back to because they saw something interesting.

Your thumbnail is the first thing the viewer will see. Hence, make it eye-catchy but also avoid using click-bait because that’s how you lose people’s trust.

It would be better to present the matter in the first three-second of the video or a maximum of 10 seconds. Hence, keep the ad as short and sweet as possible.

Pro Tip: The greatest method to keep your audience watching is to deliver an engaging storyline. If you interest your viewers with a plot, characters, and so on, they will more likely stick to the finish. You can also use an online video editor to add effects.

Tip 3: Add Subtitles

Most users have turned off their sounds on Facebook. Users can disable the auto-play-with-sound option, and videos will auto-play without sound.

To prevent losing a viewer because they couldn’t understand the video, you should add closed captions to your videos through Facebook. Although Facebook has automatic captions, it’s better to add your own because sometimes what’s being said can be misinterpreted.

Pro Tip: Use strong titles and graphics. Also, add a ‘Tap For Sound’ reminder in your video.

Tip 4: Tell A Story

Tell A Story

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Advertisements generally pop up while in the middle of watching a program or show. So, the viewer might simply skip the ad. To avoid that, tell compelling stories that would make the viewer stay!

Once you have attained the audience’s attention, the best way to keep them watching is by spinning a tale.

Consider the story behind your service or product. Then, show it to the viewer rather than simply selling the service or product to the user.

Pro Tip: Try not to spin lies. Make sure the stories you tell have some truth in them. Also, include personal stories for viewers to feel connected.

 Tip 5: Show Testimonials

Most consumers trust a brand when they know there are other people out there who have had first-hand experience with the brand.

Testimonials of people are a great way to gain this trust.  Whether it’s a fan or a customer, their review shown in the video will help in gaining the trust of the viewer.  You can show these testimonials in video format or comment format.

Pro Tip: If you have testimonials from big companies, add them to your video because this will help people trust your brand even more.

Tip 6: Make A Title And Description

There are times when your viewers don’t understand the content of your video. To avoid that you should add a title and description for the video.

Pro Tip: Make your title interesting and descriptive, and write an intriguing and comprehensive description to keep viewers watching. A sneak peek at the content is enough to spark their interest!

Tip 7: Use An Online Video Editor

There are several online video editors available today. They contain excellent animations, formats, and templates to help you create exciting ads.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to play around with the various features and find the one that fits your brand voice.

Final Thoughts

The world is changing, and we must adapt. Advertisements started with pamphlets and newspapers. But, now we are in an era where we can advertise using moving pictures or in other words, a video.

Facebook is a wonderful platform to advertise your brand because it will get more reach and attain brand awareness. It is the easiest way to reach billions of people. Also, video ads are the best as they are engaging. You can consider using an online video editor to enhance your ads too!


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