Homes for Sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC

Homes for sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC are hitting all time high.Well, Pelham Springs Townhomes, located in Simpsonville, South Carolina, has seen a resurgence in popularity over the past few years. Once considered outdated and undesirable, these townhome communities are now highly sought after by home buyers. We will explore the factors that have contributed to homes for sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC comeback and examine what this real estate phenomenon says about the Simpsonville housing market as a whole.

Location, Location, Location

One of the main drivers of Pelham Springs’ renewed appeal is its prime location. Situated just off Highway 25 and close to downtown Simpsonville, the townhomes provide easy access to all that the city has to offer. Residents can get to shops, restaurants, parks and other amenities with just a short drive. The townhomes are also conveniently situated near I-385, making commutes to Greenville, Spartanburg or Columbia straightforward.

This central location was always an asset, but rising traffic and longer commute times elsewhere have made Pelham Springs’ easy access more valuable than ever before. With more people working from home full-time or hybrid schedules post-pandemic, a shorter commute has become a higher priority for many homebuyers.


Another major factor contributing to Pelham Springs’ comeback is affordability. While prices have risen somewhat from their lowest points a decade ago, the townhomes still provide housing at a more affordable price point than single-family homes in the area.

The averageprice of homes for sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC over the past year was around $200,000, according to real estate data. Comparable single-family homes in Simpsonville would often be $50,000-$100,000 more. For first-time homebuyers and those looking to scale down, Pelham Springs offers quality housing at a lower cost.

Upgrades and Renovations

While homes for sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC was long considered outdated due to its age, many of the townhome communities have undergone significant renovations and upgrades in recent years. New roofs, siding, windows and other exterior improvements have given the buildings a more modern aesthetic.

Interior renovations have also been common, with new kitchens, bathrooms and flooring bringing the homes up to date. Some owners have even expanded living spaces or finished basements for additional square footage. These renovations have transformed what were once viewed as dated properties into desirable modern homes.

Growing Demand

Several factors have combined to drive growing demand for housing in Simpsonville and the surrounding area. Steadily rising populations, an influx of new businesses and employers, and a lower cost of living compared to larger cities like Greenville have all attracted new residents to the area in recent years.

This increased demand was further amplified by the pandemic as more people sought larger homes with outdoor space in lower-density areas. With limited housing supply and rising prices for single-family homes, Pelham Springs townhomes have emerged as an attractive, affordable option for many newcomers to the area.

Community Amenities

While individual renovations helped boost their appeal, Pelham Springs communities as a whole have also benefited from upgrades to common areas and amenities. Many now have newly-landscaped green spaces, picnic areas and grilling stations for residents. Some even have amenities like clubhouses, fitness centers and pools.

These community improvements have enhanced the living experience and sense of community within Pelham Springs. They have helped transform what were once viewed as merely affordable housing into desirable places to call home, complete with perks traditionally found in pricier neighborhoods.

Growing Families

Another factor driving demand is that Pelham Springs town homes have proven popular with growing families. Their floor plans with 2-3 bedrooms and 1.5-2 baths provide ample living space for young parents and children. And many of the renovated units come with finished basements that can double as playrooms or home offices.

The central locations within walking distance of parks and nearby schools are also ideal for families. The affordable prices have allowed more young couples to purchase their first homes and start families in Pelham Springs rather than renting for longer. This demographic shift has been a major factor in the communities’ resurgence.

Investor Interest

Naturally, as demand and appreciation have increased within Pelham Springs, investors have taken notice as well. Many individual investors have purchased town homes to rent them out as investment properties. Some have even renovated and flipped units for a profit as prices rise.

A few large real estate investment firms have also gotten involved, purchasing entire buildings or communities within Pelham Springs. They have undertaken major renovations and upgrades with the goal of long-term appreciation. This institutional investment has helped boost values while improving the overall quality of housing stock.

Spillover Effect

The turnaround of Pelham Springs town homes has had ripple effects across Simpsonville’s real estate market more broadly. As values have risen within the communities, so too have prices in the immediate surrounding neighbourhoods. The homes for sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC often cite its resurgence as a selling point.

Wider interest from first-time buyers, growing families, investors and others has also increased competition in Simpsonville overall. This has supported steady home value growth across the city in recent years. In many ways, Pelham Springs’ comeback has helped fuel broader real estate demand that has elevated Simpsonville’s market.


Once considered outdated and past their prime, Pelham Springs townhome communities in Simpsonville have seen a remarkable resurgence in the past 5-10 years. Factors like location, affordability, renovations, growing demand, amenities and more have combined to transform the perception of homes for sale in Pelham Springs Simpsonville SC. They have emerged as a highly desirable housing option that has helped drive broader real estate appreciation across the city.


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