Green Glass Door

Are you tired of playing the same, old party games? Have you been searching for a versatile game that acts as a perfect icebreaker at parties? If your answer is yes, the Green Glass Door game is just the right one for you.

It may seem difficult in the beginning, but when you get the hang of it, the game becomes much more fun and engaging. The hidden rules that you will come across at every phrase will make it even more enticing to play this game with your friends and family members.

Because this game doesn’t require additional equipment, you can easily introduce this game at your next office party to keep your colleagues entertained.

Are you curious to find out how to play the Green Glass Door game? We have prepared a complete guide that will take you through every aspect of the game. Keep reading for all the details!

Green Glass Door Game – An Overview

Green Glass Door is essentially a word game of guessing the rule, which is typically hidden in the phrase. Players need to repeat the words back using their own examples of the rule. The game is quite popular among campers, where a small group of people can participate in it.

It would also go well as a drinking game. Some also like playing different versions of Green Glass Door games or may choose to play it with other games, such as Horse Race or Cops and Robbers.  

Green Glass Door – Game Description

Name of the Game – Green Glass Door

Number of Participants Required – 3+ participants.

Difficulty Level – Easy

Age Range of Participants – Children, Teenagers, and Adults.

Length of Each Game – Around 5-20 minutes, depending on the total number of participants.

Main Objective – Participants need to avoid being last in noticing the world pattern in a phrase.

Why People Love ItGreen Glass Door games are quite simple to play and can easily blend into any occasion if there are enough willing players present. It is quite enjoyable to find out who among all your friends is able to solve the riddle. If you have a competitive spirit, you might have fun solving the mystery before them.

Similar Games – The Umbrella Game, the Snaps Game, Let’s Go Camping, Pictionary Game, Bobby’s World Game, or Catchphrase.

Things You Will Need to Play Green Glass Door Games

You won’t need anything particular to play this game, but you might have to write things down as it helps you stay on track of the game. Because of this reason, having a whiteboard would be handy for all the players.

If you are planning to use it as a drinking game with your pals, all the players will need a beverage nearby while playing the game.

Setup Requirements for the Green Glass Door Game

If you plan on playing the game, you can stay assured that there’s no high-end setup required before you can begin. All you must do is ensure that all players are aware of the Green Glass Door rules before you start it. Everybody would need a piece of paper for writing, so make sure you can get that for everybody. If it’s a drinking game, everybody will need beverages. When everything is sorted, you can begin the game.

Four Steps in the Green Glass Door Rules

At the beginning of playing the Green Glass Door game, you must tell all the players that the main objective is to make objects pass through an imaginary green glass door. Not all things can pass through the Green Glass Door, and only one player will know the secret to make objects pass.

Step 1  

Typically, the player who knows the secret will be the one to start the game. The first player will state the sentence, such as “I can bring an eel through the glass door, but not a fish.”

Once the statement is said aloud, the next player must figure out why the object ‘eel’ was allowed to pass through the door and what other objects would be allowed to pass, based on the clue given in the sentence. The second player has to make the best possible guess using the same sentence format.

Step 2  

When the second player in the circle makes a guess, the first player will determine if it is right or wrong. If the second player made the right correlation, the first player would say, “Yes, you may.”

If the guess is wrong, they will be met with a reply, “You may not take that through the Green Glass Door.” With every wrong guess, the player will meet a consequence. It is usually a tiny dare or elimination. Dares are way more fun, but if the player isn’t able to carry out the dare, they are likely to be eliminated.

Step 3

After the second player, others in the circle will get a chance to crack the secret by changing the objects in the sentence. If any player was able to crack the code, they must show it when their turn comes. However, they aren’t allowed to share the secret out loud. Every player must figure out the secret by themselves.

During the course of the game, some players will eventually figure out the secret, while others will remain completely clueless. It will make the game even more fun and hilarious.

Step 4

When every player gets to know the secret, the Green Glass Door game will come to a natural end. Because the game elicits silly reactions, ridiculous guesses, and embarrassing dares, people can carry on discussing it for more giggles.

Scoring for the Green Glass Door Game

The game doesn’t have a scoring system because the game is played until all the players figure out the secret. However, if you do not have time for that, you can try playing multiple rounds of the game and keep a score to check who wins in the end. Each correct answer will come with one point.

Green Glass Door Game – The Secret Rule

Players usually try to crack the relation between the two objects, but that’s not the secret rule of this game. Instead of the relationships, players need to focus on the spelling of the objects, and that’s where the secret lies.

Most players will miss the detail initially, but with enough examples coming their way, some of them will catch it.

The secret rule of the game is ‘double letters,’ which can be either consonants or vowels. In fact, the secret is hidden in the game’s name – Green Glass Door. Only the first player will know this secret, and others will have to figure it out along the way.

Some of the classic examples include –

“I can bring slippers through the glass door, but no shoes.”

“I can bring butter through the glass door, but no yogurt.”

“I can bring overalls through the glass door, but no pants.”

Some players may find the game perplexing, but it’s a riddle, and it is designed to throw you off guard. Hence, if you know the secret to the game, make sure you do not reveal it to others. Play along and have fun when other clueless players try to guess, and their silly guesses or dares are bound to crack you up.

The Green Glass Door game is enjoyable for children because they come up with the funniest answers, thanks to their over-imaginative brains. Teachers or team leads can use Green Glass Door games as an icebreaker because it helps people bond. The same goes for school bonfire camps and picnics as well.

Green Glass Door Game Hoaxes to Confuse Players

Players are bound to get confused when playing the Green Glass Door game, and they won’t know how to find the connection between the objects and make the right guess. If you want to confuse the players further and make it even more interesting, here are a few hoaxes that might be useful. Check them out!

Please note that these hoaxes will only work when you are making the rules or have figured out the rules during the game.

The Category Hoax

In your first turn, you could use an object, such as “apples,” to pass through the Green Glass Door. When your turn comes the next time, you could try mentioning another fruit, such as “blueberries.”

Because of this connection you made, other players might think that mentioning other fruits will make their objects pass as well. However, fruits like apricots or bananas don’t have double letters, so they won’t be correct.

Some of the other categories you can use include –

  • Animals – squirrels, poodles, kittens, rabbits, or puppies.
  • Clothes – slippers, sleeves, or overalls.
  • Dairy – butter or cheese.

When other players pick words from the same category, they will get confused. By doing so, you will be able to continue the game for a longer duration.

The Relationship Hoax

If you want to try a different hoax, you could try picking two objects that are related to one another. Here are some examples for you –

  • I can bring a tree through the glass door, but not a forest.
  • I can get a school through the glass door, but no learning.
  • I can bring teeth through the glass door, but no mouth.
  • I can bring the roof through the glass door, but no fan.
  • I can get daddy through the glass door, but no parent.
  • I can bring grass through the glass door, but no field.

The repetition of double letters is essential to get the correct answer, and relations don’t really matter. So, you can try to have fun with this hoax to prolong the game.

The Opposite Hoax

Similar to the relationship hoax, you can try the opposite hoax. Here, you choose objects that are opposite to one another. Let’s take a look at a few examples –

  • I can pass the moon through the door, but no sun.
  • I can pass satellite through the door, but not a planet.
  • I can take a queen, but the king will not.

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Variations to the Green Glass Door Rules

If most of the players are aware of the traditional ‘double letter’ rule, playing it with the same rules will be boring. Because half the fun is in being clueless, you need to add tweaks to the rules that the players can figure out while playing the game. There are several ways variations to green glass door games. Let’s take a look at some of the popular ones –

  • Using objects that are singular or plural
  • Using objects ending with the letter ‘n’
  • Using objects ending with consonants or vowels
  • Using objects that have compound worlds
  • Using objects that are blue in colour
  • Using objects found in space

Adding such variations to the game helps in keeping it challenging and fun. Usually, younger players know the traditional rules, and you might want to invent your own rule to keep the game new and engaging.

Adding variations to the door, number of objects, or the object itself will ensure players are interested throughout the game.

Alternate Green Glass Door Games

If you have fun playing the Green Glass Door game, you may want to find a couple of other games that do not require much equipment to engage the players. In that case, you could give Sardines Game and Captain Ball Game a try.

Trivia quizzes, especially on food or sitcoms, are also exciting, but one person has to prepare the questions beforehand.

Wrapping Up

Green Glass Door is an incredibly fun game and quite popular as well. However, most of the people you may come across will be unaware of the rules. Because of this reason, you can play it to bond, pass the time, and have fun together.

If you’re trying it out with kids, it will come across as a new experience to them most of the time. Regardless of the age group, this riddle will manage to engage everybody, making it a great icebreaker or party game.


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