Sim Racing Wheelbase

Having shot to global fame in recent years, sim racing is popular among racing enthusiasts and professional racers alike. By offering individuals the opportunity to race safely at breakneck speeds on highly realistic tracks, it remains an intense, adrenaline-spiked pastime, with many who participate striving to beat records and claim victory over their competitors.

Some things, however, such as the Sim Racing Wheelbase accessory, can enhance your sim racing experience, and for a truly realistic and immersive race, here are 4 must have accessories:

  1. The wheelbase

When setting up any rig for professional or even semi-professional racing, a direct drive, powerful wheel base is essential to help you achieve the best force feedback.

When choosing a wheel base, you must carefully consider torque, as even if you don’t use the full capacity, you won’t feel all of the details you need to if the wheel base doesn’t have a good enough reaction speed. Just make sure that when choosing a high torque wheel base, your rig must be able to handle both the weight and power.

  1. The steering wheel

It’s essential that you feel comfortable handling the steering wheel, as it’s the primary physical interface between you and the racing environment. With lots of wheels to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one would best suit you, your style of driving, and your simulated car, but you can start by choosing between a GT wheel, and a Formula-style wheel.

It’s always a good idea to test steering wheels out before buying them – as it is with any sim racing accessory – and when doing so, make sure the wheel feels good to the touch when you’re gripping it as you would when racing. It should be easy to move intuitively, and the buttons and encoders must have a pleasant and tactile touch.

Round, robust, and functional are key features of a high quality steering wheel, and some even come with the latest wireless technology to enhance your racing experience and give you a truly authentic race-feel.

  1. The pedals

As one of the main and most important components of any sim racing rig, pedals can have a significant impact on the speed and consistency at which you’re able to race. By choosing the right pedals, you can achieve more consistent results, reduce mistakes, and give yourself finer control over the car as a whole. Customizable pedals are a great choice, allowing you to turn them from a brake into a throttle, or even a clutch, at the mere click of a button.

When you’ve got your pedals right, you’ll enjoy a racing experience that feels so immersive, you’ll wonder how it’s possible that you’re still sat in your living room!

  1. VR headset

Virtual reality can turn any experience into a real-life one, and when it comes to sim racing, VR gives you the very best chance to improve your skills and practice in conditions that look and feel just like the real thing. With a VR headset, you get to see the track in first-person mode, and get about as close to the real feeling of speed and competitiveness as you’re ever likely to when sat at you rig.

Visit your local Sim-lab UK distributor today to get your hands on all of the accessories listed above, and start racing like a pro!


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