Employee Engagement

Nearly every manager you speak with knows that employee engagement is the ‘magic sauce’ that helps their company thrive. After all, a happy worker is a productive one, right? Yet it’s surprising how few follow through with this very simple concept. They fail to fully engage their staff and they do so at their own peril. Yet by exercising a few simple strategies, the positive transformation for a business can be astonishing.

People who wake up excited by the challenges of the pending workday – and if we’re to be honest, that’s the vast majority of people – it’s a dynamic workplace culture that stimulates them. One where their input is respected, where improving employee engagement is central to the company’s way of thinking. This is what draws staff to work and compels them to do their best. If that’s not happening in your company, it’s time to implement some changes. Here are some strategies that can help improve employee engagement.


Fist things first, make sure that the right people are in the right roles. You hire talent for the skills they offer so make sure they’re able to offer their best. Many companies struggle with a mismatch of role and expertise yet fixing this is often a simple case of realigning responsibilities. You reduce frustration, increase productivity and happiness.


When staff understand their company’s purpose, motivation and direction, they’re much more likely to be engaged in their work – they know why they’re doing it. So share your strategies, invite feedback and foster a sense of ownership. In turn this fosters a sense of trust that boosts employee engagement even further.


The ties that bind employees can loosen over time and before you know it, people become disconnected from their colleagues. This is particularly relevant for organisations during a growth spurt. Regular communications keep people in the loop which nurtures a sense of belonging. Either digital or physical comms will do the job, just be sure to do it and keep your teams connected.

Flex and Bend

It’s an open-secret that flexible working arrangements helps increase employee engagement. Whether that’s a mixed Office-WFH (work-from-home) strategy, elastic hours, childcare or the promotion of mental and physical wellbeing in the office, your willingness to meet individual needs boosts productivity.


Your company should regularly, and publicly, recognise good work. Showing appreciation is not just a nice thing to do, it’s one of the fastest ways to increase trust in the work place. Invite feedback. When employees know that they’re being listened to, and that their effort is valued,  there is an immediate, positive effect on happiness and productivity. It’s an easy win for everyone.

Organisations who will thrive in our new normal are those who recognise employees as their greatest asset. You’ve read just a few strategies that must be prioritised if you really want to boost employee engagement. Companies that get this right will have a happier, more effective workforce that is excited about coming to work. They prosper, the company prospers.


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