EOption is a platform for trading stocks, funds, and options at low costs. Trade in options can cost as little as $0.10 per contract and $1.99 per total. The broker also provides an extensive, free options trading course that is useful for newcomers and seasoned pros. The eOption platform is more complicated and challenging to use than its rivals, especially for new traders. 

The platform lacks intuitive features and explanations, does not support futures or forex trades, and provides only daily market updates that are full of jargon. Furthermore, mutual fund transactions are costly, and customer service options are subpar. Although eOption is a good option for those interested in options trading, novice investors who want to buy stocks or exchange-traded funds should look elsewhere. 

Numerous sources believe that eOption ranks among the top 10 brokers currently available. Let’s take a high-level glance at the broker, and if you’re interested in studying more about eOption, follow the link. 

Brief Overview of eOption 

If you frequently buy and sell options contracts, you should investigate eOption. This under-the-radar broker offers a wide range of competitively priced trading tools. Not only will you have choices, but you’ll have more. 

Services Offered by eOption 

Despite its name, eOption facilitates trading in more than simply options. All of the following are available for trading by clients: 

  • Stocks (including some foreign stocks) 
  • ETFs 
  • Closed-end funds 
  • Mutual funds 
  • Bonds 

The broker’s headquarters are in the United States, but it welcomes customers worldwide. Investors of the following nationalities are eligible to register for an eOption account: 

  • Australia 
  • China 
  • Luxembourg 
  • Singapore 
  • Mexico 
  • United Kingdom  

The biggest catch is that you need at least $25,000 to open an international account. There is no low-end requirement for American-domiciled accounts. 

EOption provides Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and traditional brokerage accounts (for US-based customers). In addition, the firm supports IRA options trading (excluding some advanced strategies). 

Software Platforms of eOption 

At eOption, you can trade stocks, options, and funds using several methods, but bond trades must be placed via phone. In order of ease of use, they are: 

Browser Platform  

EOption is a browser-based interface with various significant trading capabilities. Trading frequency and account size requirements are waived for this software’s use. It offers a demo mode if you wish to practice it. 

A horizontal menu appears at the top of the platform. This text seems just beneath a live ticker strip of stock prices.  

A watch list is accessible from the main menu, and many lists may be made. A great feature is creating a watch list and adding specific option contracts to it. Click the ticker symbol of the security you wish to add to the chart in the watch list. By selecting a bid or ask price, the programme will automatically fill in the corresponding fields of an order form. 

Your open orders, balance, and the current position may be viewed in one convenient location. In this final column, you’ll find essential information such as option and equity buying powers, house calls, option maintenance margin, and more. 

Mobile App 

eOption offers a free mobile app in addition to its browser-based platform. Use of it is straightforward. Horizontal charting is possible, but no editing options are provided. One notable shortcoming of the options order ticket compared to the digital platform is the need for built-in spreads. However, special 4-legged orders can be made. 

The watchlist function is a valuable addition to the eOption app. When you connect it to a PC, it will synchronise with the one there. The stocks and ETFs you add to your computer’s watchlist will sync with your mobile app. Displaying the watchlist as a list or as tiles with little graphs is an option. 

You can rely on Traders Union’s in-depth analysis of the industry’s top players to help you make an informed decision about which the best online trading platform for stocks is right for you. Click that link to see how several alternatives stack up against one another. 


EOption could be suitable for high-volume option traders on a tight budget. Foreigners with a minimum of $25,000 to spend may also get a good deal. However, other traders may find eOption’s offerings and price structure less than stellar. 


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